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Colon Cancer & Obesity - Research Paper Example

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Name Professor Institution Date Introduction Research has confirmed that obesity is directly linked to colon cancer. This has been evidenced by the fact that over 20 percent of all types of cancer are related to having excess body weight. Colon cancer is one of the most common cancers in the developed world…
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Colon Cancer & Obesity
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Download file to see previous pages This research paper will look into obesity and colon cancer ion relation to obesity contribution to colon cancer. The paper will then address the extent of contribution of colon cancer, prevention measures, statistics and risk factors that are closely related to it (Pendyala, Neff, Suarez-Farinas and Holt, 2011). Pathophysiology Obese people have a high chance of getting colon cancer compared to healthy individual. Research has proved that obese people has a double likely hood of getting the disease. There is a possibility that obesity exacerbates inflammations in the colon which is associated with cancer. Colon cancer starts in form of non-cancerous growth which is referred to as polyp. The individuals who have the overweight have a higher chance of developing polyps. This puts obese people at a risk of getting colon cancer. Adipose tissue dysfunction is directly related to insulin resistance. Obese individuals have insulin resistance condition where serum level increases. This leads to aversion of hyperglycemia. The condition of being insulin resistance plays a vital role in promoting cancer growth. Another factor that may lead to obese people having cancer is reduced plasma amount of adiponectin in obesity. Obese individuals are susceptible to oxidative stress which is associated with chronic inflammation leading to tumor development (Louis, Scott, Duncan & Flint, 2007). In obese individuals, several factors lead to the prevalence of the condition. These are classified into two broad categories the mechanisms s can be universal in nature such that they are related to all types of tumors from their relation to hormonal or other abnormalities that are evident in obesity. The other type is specific. They lead to a specific tumor in a specific position. This type is related to consequential effects of obesity. The diet intake of the obese people can also lead to obesity. The typical food that is available in the developed countries is rich in calories and also there is high consumption of alcohol (Louis, Scott, Duncan & Flint, 2007). Most of the individuals who are obese use weight reducing diets to shed weight. This involves taking diets which are very low in carbohydrates. These diets are very low in carbohydrates but have excess amount of protein which makes it possible to reduce weight faster. These diets involve removal of starch and fiber. Through the use of these diets, the obese individual affects the fermentative activity that occurs in the large intestines. Reduction of the fermentative activity in the large intestines leads to reduction of butyrate and fatty acid in the fecal short chain. The shift in the diet leads to reduction in the bacteria. These are useful bacteria that help in reducing risk of colon cancer in the body. The evidence of the importance of these bacterial puts at risk individuals who are in weight loss diets. The long term effects of using the weight reduction diets are colon cancer. Another factor that can lead obesity to colon cancer is intake of high protein diet during weight loss exercise. As the obese people try to restrict intake of carbohydrates, they consume food that is high in protein and fat. The reason behind taking food high in protein is satiety (Renehan, Tyson, Egger, Heller and Zwahlen, 2008). Insulin resistance is another cause of obesity related cancer. Obese individuals ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Colon Cancer & Obesity Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 Words.
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