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A Case Study to Analyze and Solve Name Institution Date A Case Study to Analyze and Solve Introduction Mergers between different healthcare institutions that deliver similar products to consumers are on the rise in different geographic areas of the world. This kind of change is usually accompanied by other adjustments made in order to accommodate the main transformation…
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The topic is to discuss developing a case study to analyze and solve
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Download file to see previous pages According to Herzlinger (2006) strong nursing leadership, integrated with a transformational style of leadership would be most effective in overseeing the successful realization of new procedures such as electronic documentation systems in the merged organization (Amerson, 2011). The procedures conducted in nursing homes are usually conducted by nurses. This means that the nurses are in the best position to support urgency for implementing the changes needed while also communicating the vision of change to other medical workers. Nurses can also easily empower each others’ initiatives to support the change while also revising the new merged organization's internal culture so as to create new traditions. Overseeing the Installation of a new Documentation System During transitional phases during which important changes are occurring due to mergers, it might be necessary to employ additional workers who are tasked with helping with implementation challenges. This is especially important if either of the nursing homes are short-staffed. Even in case the nursing home is fully staffed, it might be necessary for additional staff to be hired so that the nurses have a chance to focus on learning the new methods of operation and adapt to them. This will require time as well as energy. The nurses from the different nursing homes may also require additional time in which to test the efficiency of new operational methods. Since each nursing home’s former documentation models were different there will be a need to test the most efficient method before implementing it in the merged institution (Walker, 2006). This precedes a combined educational training course conducted for the workers of both nursing homes together. The Importance of Mergers between two Nursing Homes Mergers always result in more profits for the health institutions concerned. Such productivity ensures that the institutions survive in an increasingly competitive economy. At present, many nurses working in nursing homes are forced to work in spite of shrinking reimbursements. To remain productive in an age in which the federal healthcare reforms are likely to result in negative financial consequences, mergers have to be implemented (Large, McLeod, Cunningham and Kitson, 2005). Mergers will be a way for both nursing homes to remain solvent while catering to the main objective- the care of patients. Merging will also result in reduced costs as the two nursing homes will be able to use their unity as leverage when purchasing larger supplies. The new merged institution will be able to ask for volume discounts due to higher usage. In addition, if one of the nursing homes were struggling, renovations made in order to make it possible for both institutions to merge would cause make it more lucrative. Why Merger between the Nursing Homes can be difficult to Implement The process of merging, though, is not easily accomplished. There are difficulties in deciding on the operations to streamline, as well as the different methods of documentation used by both nursing homes. When the workers of one nursing home are not well acquainted with their prospective partners, there may be discomfort between the staff of both homes. There may also be changes in leadership that confuse the staff or make them apprehensive about ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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