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Electronic Healthcare Information [Introduction] [Instructor Name] Electronic Healthcare System Issues Introduction There are information technology systems to assist healthcare organizations in the challenging environment of healthcare provision where a large numbers of patients have to be treated at the same time…
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Electronic Healthcare System Issues
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Download file to see previous pages This paper is a report on electronic healthcare system that analyzes and assesses the challenges that are part of the electronic system. It will also explore ways that can be appointed to overcome the challenges will also be addressed in the report. The paper is assisting managers in the healthcare dealing with information and data management operations. It will guide the professionals to manage their healthcare system in an effective way. Body Content Risks and Opportunities involved in sharing Clinical Data In healthcare there are several risks involved in patients’ exchange of information. There are some external and some internal risks involved in client’s data sharing. There are risks of patient’s identity exposure, identity mismatch or conflict, and data stealing which could result through clinical data exchange. Similarly, there are simultaneous risks involved of identity fraud, distortion of patients’ healthcare record, and distortion of patients’ medication record through healthcare data exchange (American Medical Association, 2013). The responsibility and obligation lies on healthcare organizations, that they protect patients’ personal information by making their electronic health system protective and secured. If information systems are highly protective, they can ensure the safety of patients’ personal records and data. For healthcare organization, information is an asset which if gets managed is a value to the organization and if gets lost or detracted is a complete threat to the organization (American Medical Association, 2013). In healthcare information integration is an essential thing required which is achieved by means deliberated data exchange. Exchanging patients’ personal clinical information links all the departments together. The departmental coordination makes patients’ care highly qualitative. This is one major opportunity that lies with clinical information sharing (American Bar Association, 1994). On further, data pooling (sectional data sharing) comes out valuable for research departments of the healthcare organization. This operation is made possible through sectional information sharing. Looping information from one period of patient trial to another is enabled through data exchange. Conducting a clinical research gets easier when pooled information is available on the research desk. Information sharing provides data to researchers which can further be used for scientific argument (American Bar Association, 1994). On further, information sharing keeps departments proactive. When the information required for patient’s treatment is available at the right time, the treatment gets effective as it is done on the real time basis. This is an opportunity which usually most healthcare organizations avail through sectional data sharing. According to Deborah Zarin (the director at the National Library of Medicine), information sharing brings transparency in health care operations (National Academy of Sciences, 2013, p. 4). It brings transparency on how well the patients are provided treatment and care. Information sharing also gives the opportunity of patient’s retrospective analysis as it allows the data exchange of patient’s past record of trials. Opportunities are there on the line with electronic health information sharing but it is on the organization’ ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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