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Joint Commission on Health Care Organizations Policy Name: Institution: Course: Tutor: Date: There are policies that higher organizations implement in their operation process so that they can enhance the proper delivery of services. The work of The Joint Commission on healthcare has been to formulate policies that can assist the healthcare organizations, in the United States of America to deliver quality services at an affordable cost to the citizen…
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Joint Commission on Health Care Organizations Policy
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Download file to see previous pages The analysis of the policy of TJC in accreditation of healthcare organizations shows its strengths and weaknesses, enabling analysts to make informed recommendation of the way to improve it. TJC has the responsibility of ensuring that all the organizations that offer healthcare services improve their services to increase the satisfaction in the patients who receive care from them. This commission has implemented the policy to enhance the healthcare to all people in that it sets regulations that health care organizations have to follow so that they can be licensed to operate within the country. The goal of TJC is to establish safer healthcare systems for all patients in the United States of America (US), and therefore to ensure that all who seek care get quality services. TJC aims at eliminating any form of poor services that may result from poor conditions of health facilities, lack of qualified caregivers and other issues that can the healthcare standard. TJC also aims to ensure that patients all over US can receive similar services irrespective of the caregiver or hospital they seek healthcare services across the country. These goals of the TJC are aimed at ensuring equality of healthcare service delivery to all patients and that the services are offered in a safe environment that will enhance the recovery of the people who seek care instead of causing deterioration of their condition, an attribute associated with substandard healthcare delivery (The Joint Commission, 2007). Apart from the basic healthcare services, TJC also offers services such as consultancy, accreditation, publication and education programs that are aimed at increasing the quality of patient care. TJC assist health organizations, health ministries and other stakeholders in health sector to evaluate, improve and implement the patients’ care and increase their chances of safety so that they can recover from their conditions. Through the activities of TJC, the healthcare organizations that offer care demonstrate their value for quality of services in their situations. The success of TJC is assessed through the performance of the healthcare organizations that comply with the policy that determine the way they offer the services they ought to give to all the patients (The Joint Commission, 2010). Explanation of the process of accreditation of health organizations by TJC TJC has implemented a plan, which is used to assess the delivery of services of different healthcare organizations in the world. This assessment is done through a randomized survey of the healthcare organization after a particular length of time to ensure that they are complying with the requirement of the policy. The survey on adherence to stipulated guidelines is carried out after every three years for healthcare organizations, and after two years in laboratories that offer healthcare services to the people in the society. Through these surveys, organizations assessed are analyzed according to their different sections of operations to ascertain whether they meet the set standards. Organizations that TJC targets to carry surveys on are not usually notified of the date ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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