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Article Critique Institution Abstract This paper provides a critique of the paper “Strengthening Frontline Nursing Investment in Organizational Goals” by Berkow et al. (2012) and outlines various aspects on which authors have deliberated in the article while at the same time providing a critical analysis of the missing points of the article…
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Article is Strengthening Frontline Nurse Investment in Organizational Goals
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Extract of sample "Is Strengthening Frontline Nurse Investment in Organizational Goals"

Download file to see previous pages (2012) discusses the changing nature of healthcare in the country, and how the incentives are linked with the better performance and cost control. In order to remain profitable and be entitled to receive better reimbursement funding, healthcare organizations need to focus at setting specific goals and achieve them in order to deliver to and sustain exceptional service quality for the patients. The authors, therefore, argue that this has transformed into the setting up of specific goals for the frontline staff and how accountability as well as other factors can contribute towards the development of more engaged nursing staff to achieve overall organizational goals. The paper discusses how a personal level of accountability can actually further the role of nurses and make them important stakeholders in achieving the overall objectives for the firm. Critique of the Paper The title of the paper suggests that it is about the advice regarding strengthening the role of a front line nursing investment in organizational goals. However, it discusses the role of engagement as well as accountability of the nurses in the changing scenario. The overall theme of the article is based upon the changes taking place at the macro level and how organizations need to respond to that changing situation. ...
The overall direction and purpose of the paper seems to be rooted into the assumption that a greater level of accountability can actually lead to a better organizational performance. Authors argue that it is quite important actually to define frontline accountability and then monitor the progress in order to ascertain how the frontline staff is performing. Authors further suggest that raising the personal stakes of the frontline nurses and helping them to take more accountability can lead to a better overall outcome for the organizations. This changing role of nurses has been viewed from the perspective of the macro level changes taking place at the governmental as well as the industrial wide level. Authors have dwelled on the changing role of nurses and how important they are for achieving financial goals for the organizations from the perspective of these changes (Marshall, 2011). While discussing the literature about the accountability, authors seem to distract from the actual purpose and theme of the article. The literature review outlines the role of accountability in nursing and how individual as well as organization level accountability fits into the overall role of nurses. Though the issue of accountability may be relevant to some extent, however, it may not be completely relevant to the overall theme of the article. Authors fail to integrate the facts about how organizations set goals and how such goals are transformed into actionable steps which front line nursing staff has to take. Though personal accountability plays a greater role in the career of nurses because they not only have to follow their own individual ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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