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Becoming Influential (Name) (University) (Date) To The Editor National Post Dear Sir, This is to bring your kind attention to some serious workplace issues associated with the life of nursing professionals across Canada. I request you to introduce the issue to the public as well as the concerned authority through your recognized Daily…
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Becoming Influential , Nursing Paper
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Download file to see previous pages Because of this insensitive attitude, the atrocities against nurses in work places are increasing day by day. As a responsible citizen of the state, I feel this issue is to be brought under public scrutiny on a wider extend. Usually we get alerted only when some inhuman incident strikes the headlines. Rather than waiting for casualties let us take vigilant steps to prevent them. Implementing stringent laws, enhancing more efficient surveillance techniques, conducting awareness programs for nurses and policy makers etc has to be given serious thought to avoid such incidents in future. It is my humble request that these heinous acts need to be highlighted in your newspaper. Collaborative effort of the media and public can bring about positive changes I believe. Looking forward to hearing from you, Yours sincerely, (Name) Introduction Nursing is not just taking care of patients but a big social responsibility which most of us fail to realize. Working beyond the hospital conditions, like a poverty stricken area or a war field, a factory etc demonstrates the social commitment shouldered by a nurse which often goes unnoticed. Likewise a nurse has his/her say in every socially relevant issue. In this context, it is relevant to invite public attention to a very serious threat a nurse experience on a day to day basis. It is ‘physical workplace violence’. Why this Topic? In the present scenario, this is a topic that is worth mentioning as there are increasing number of reports of nurses being physically assaulted in and around Canada in the recent times. Because of such dreadful news coming up from every corner of the country the glory of the profession has come down of late. This can be attributed as one reason for the international shortage of nurses. As reported by Duncan, Estabrooks & Reimer (2000), verbal and physical abuse happen on a routine basis and the most unhappy fact is that 70 percent of the cases go unreported. So what we see or hear is just the tip of the iceberg. Despite zero tolerance policies, violence at work place is not being reported and this leads to the increasing number of such incidents. Most of the time the administration takes up the role of a silent spectator and sometimes they discourage such incidents to be reported. This inadequate and irresponsible attitude of the administration worsens the issue. Nurses should realize the fact that getting assaulted is not a part of their job. They should unite and rise against not only the atrocities against them but also the deaf attitude many hospital managements take on such issues. So it is high time to raise our voice against such an injustice. How I determined the content for the message The alarming rise of atrocities against nurses in work places, both verbal and physical has become a major social menace which has been ignored by authorities. Addressing this problem was the need of the hour. According to the fifth annual report of National Advisory Council on Nurse Education and practice (NACNEP) nurses are the most assaulted workers among America’s workforce. They are exposed to violence not only from patients but from the patient’s family members and visitors. Violence can be in the form of intimidation, bullying, sexual harassment, shooting, stabbing or stalking. The report says that the psychological consequences of such assaults are shocking. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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(Becoming Influential , Nursing Paper Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 Words)
Becoming Influential , Nursing Paper Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 Words.
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