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Many forms of Grief Name University Grief and suffering can indeed break a man. In the book of Job, it was used as a test of how faithful was Job to his Lord. He was wealthy, upright and served the Lord God well. He had everything any man could ask for. His faith was however tested when Satan challenged God that Job was only faithful to Him because he is blessed…
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Many forms of Grief or your suggestion
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Download file to see previous pages Then his servants and finally his own family that his own son and daughters were not spared until finally Job was left nothing. The devil was ecstatic thinking that Job will break with the grief and suffering he is left with nothing because he will think that God has forsaken him. Indeed he felt pain and suffering and was at first angry asking why this happened to him. But eventually, he came to accept that everything has a reason and whatever happened to him is God’s will. His faith however was still intact despite of the trials he had been and still continued to love God. The devil was perplexed how can Job still love God despite what he had been through. Thereupon, God restored what was lost to Job for He saw that Job was a faithful servant of the Lord despite the trials he had been (Job’s Grief, nd). What Job went through can be likened to the Kubler-Ross five stage process of grief. First, he was in denial that all of his possession was taken from him because he was a faithful servant of the Lord. He was under the belief that he was under the protection of the Lord that no evil will come upon him. But evil did come and took away from him sparing him only his life. He went through the process of questioning why it happened to him and was upset albeit it was subtly expressed in the Bible. This stage was the anger stage of Elisabeth Kulber-ross whereby she posited that people experience anger after denial and this anger can come in many forms – either anger to oneself, others or anger with the situation (Axelrod, 2006). The third stage of Kulber-ross stage of grief may have been absent in the case of Jobs. He knew that he is dealing with mighty entities like God and therefore, he is not in a position to bargain or ask for concession and neither will God allow him to bargain as equal him only a mortal and a creation. The closest act that Job has done in this stage was to question why God allowed all those bad things to happen to him despite him being a faithful servant. What Job went through the process in Kulber-ross stage of grief which is prominent in the Biblical account is the depression stage. This understandable because Job, despite his righteousness is still a man and therefore, vulnerable to pain especially when he lost his children and was left with nothing. It would be abnormal if Job did not feel depression when he lost his children just because he loved God. In the end, Job accepted his fate as the will of God and did not lose his faith. This stage is Kulber-ross acceptance stage whereby the grief process has been gone through and now accepting whatever caused the grief (Elizabeth Kubler Ross Grief Cycle model,nd ). This stage is providential to Job when he accepted his fate from God because he proved his faith and all that he lost was given back to him. My process of grieving almost followed Kulber-ross stage of grief with some stage more prominent than the other stage. But there is one thing that was not included in Kulber-ross process of grieving, that is my tendency to shut myself out when I do not feel good. I am not necessarily angry just like his stage of anger but would just like to spend time alone to think things over and to get over depression. Sometimes, I want to talk it to with friends just to unburden it off my chest. This stage is not in Kulber-ross but a lot of young people I know do this to deal with grief. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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