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Community health nurse by implementing and evaluating a 6-week public health program:Depression in the Elderly - Research Paper Example

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Topic Name of Student of Professor Introduction Depression is worse than sad disruptive moods. It is about losing interests and appetite as well as a dramatic decline to daily zealous routines to the point of meaninglessness…
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Community health nurse by implementing and evaluating a 6-week public health program:Depression in the Elderly
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Download file to see previous pages For most adults who have passed the cycle of hurts as couples or had coping difficulties in some of their problems, depression is indicated by sheer resignation from events; expression of fatalistic views; and significant ideation and commission of suicide as the means to an end (, 2013). Depression in US Experts contend that there is 1 per 10 adults in United States of America that have suffered the debilitating effects of depression. Medical providers contended that depression can lead to “chronic conditions of arthritis, asthma, cardiovascular disease, cancer, diabetes, and obesity… and thus, weaken one’s zeal to work, reduce capacities, self-worth and productivity (Center for Disease Control and Prevention, 2013, p. 1).” The levels of depression however, are classified as “non-specified depression and dysthymia/minor depression (CDCP, 2013). In a study conducted with 235,067 adults, about 9.1% suffer depression or showed the indications of depression and another 4.1% demonstrate actual condition of depression and most of them are within the age of 45-64 years old, women, attained secondary education, and either unemployed or are bereft of the capacity to work (CDCP, 2013).” The latter are often without health insurance coverage (CDCP, 2013). Medical practitioners defined depressions as either major, minor, and dythymic disorder. Major depression refers to “depressed mood most or loss of interest or pleasure in a two-week period accompanied by significant loss of weight or gain, insomnia or sleeping disorder, psychomotor agitation or retardation, fatigue or loss of energy, feelings of worthlessness or guilt, inability to think or concentrate, or recurrent. There are cognitive symptoms demonstrated by ideation of death amongst elderly and sense of disorientation, memory loss, and distractibility (CDC Healthy Aging Program, 2013, p. 5).” Minor depression, on the other hand, is depression that would happen within a period of two week or more with less symptoms and impairment but demonstrate episodic sadness, depressed mood and lack of energy to many activities (CDC Healthy Aging Program, 2013). Dysthymic disorder or dysthymia mode of depression is somewhat long-term in depression accompanied with “poor appetite or overeating, insomnia or sleeping disorder, fatigue and lack of zeal, poor self-esteem, absence of concentration and decision-making, and there is evident feeling of hopelessness (CDC Healthy Aging Program, 2013, p. 5). It is for this reason that health providers collaborate to provide accurate medication for those are undergoing depression; understanding that such mental disorder require the need to “enhance the routine screening and diagnosis of depressive disorders; make use of evidence-based approach for pro-active depression management; and enhance clinical or community support for active patient engagement to improve their self-management ( , 2013, p. 1).” In a collaborative care models, case managers are assigned as ‘primary care giver to help patients educate self about the causes, roots, and effects of depression; track their treatment and adherence to medication; and, provide adjustment of patients’ treatment plan ( , 2013, p. 1).” These carers provide routine diagnoses and screening; treatment and may indorse patient to a mental health facility if deemed essential ( , 2013, p. 1). The latter can best accord the patient of clinical advise and decision for primary care ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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