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Health promotion Name: Institution: HEALTH PROMOTION PROJECT Assessment DEMOGRAPHICS It is important to note that kids aged seven and eight know the difference between healthy and unhealthy food. The assess client population is the same kids aged 7 and 8 and the assessment focuses on what the kids have in their school because they seem to like the taste of unhealthy food…
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Health community promotion project
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Download file to see previous pages SOCIAL CHARACTERISTICS: Regarding social indicator, children who attend attended the lecture about nutrition education, about healthy food were in different economical level, and were both boys and girls. They look alike in normal weight, active and love to play indoor games such as video games and as I saw, they like to play football, run on the playground of North light community service or go to the river down to draw in the company of the teacher of art. To improve children health, we have to assess, plan, implement and evaluate the result to know the level of our goals reached. HEALTH SYSTEMS & SERVICES Children in this age bracket require health systems are within their proximity and should very much concentrate of health care than treatment. Such hospitals include Roxborough Hospital, Lankenau, Chestnut Hill Hospital and Mercy Health Systems. POLITICAL SYSTEM 4th District Councilman Curtis Jones and Mayor Micheal Nutter VITAL STATISTICS Marriage rate: Male- 15.5/1000 vs. Female 14.3/1000. Married 984. Divorce rate: Male 7.7/1000 vs. Female 7.4/1000 Divorced or separated 318. HEALTH RELATED BEHAVIORS: The assessment of child health related behavior was possible because of the strengths and difficulties questionnaire, which is a screening measure for identifying children’s behavioral and emotional problems for at least six previous months. There were 25 items in the measure, which addressed five factors like conduct problems, hyperactivity, pro-social behavior and emotional symptoms as well as peer problems. Five items helped assess the impact of aspect problems of children’s life. The reactions of parents depend on what their children options. INTERRELATIONSHIP: From the research data, the figures clearly suggest that the economy is very good. This means that the lower would be on the low end of middle class or the upper end of lower class. (Northlight Community Center, 2013) the white neighborhood have many second and third generation immigrants accounting for the bulk of the older generation and young professionals coming together into the mix with the median age being 7 to 8 years. The target chosen for the teaching is children between the age of seven and eight attending an after school program at Northlight Community Center in Manayunk. There are possible assumptions that the children are attending the after school program because both the mother and father are working. With regard to religion, multiple churches account for a faith based population (Northlight Community Center, 2013). KID PROGRAMS There is Assessing children’s knowledge about healthy food by asking questions about their favorite color to connect it with Veggies or fruits. There is correct misunderstanding view about food and our projects Congratulate small positive steps. STRENGH OF THE POPULATION: The primary strengths and risk factors of children aged between seven and 8 years include being easy to adapt and replace ideas as well as strong influence to their parents. They easily replace their ideas due to peer pressure and peer perception in school groups. The children under the 8 has some information about food, our project therefore needs to confirm the good information about healthy food used to make strong basic based on their information. At this age, children easily like and eat ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Health Community Promotion Project Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 Words.
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