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Reflections on Powell’s Book on the New Testament The book, “Introducing the New Testament: A Historical, Literary and Theological Survey” by Mark Allan Powell (2009) is a very informative and valuable book for students of religious studies. To me, it is a treasure trove of knowledge and wisdom compiled by the author and shared to his readers with the intention of knowing and appreciating the word of God more…
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Christian formation/Holistic care
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Download file to see previous pages The author provided readers with useful tools as reference, including splendid pictures and magnificent artwork that made the New Testament more vivid in their minds. Powell was successful in transporting his readers to the time when Jesus walked the earth. His attempt at luring readers through art and maps was fruitful that I, personally, wanted to consume more learning that his book offered. The history lessons of the various faiths that have become current religions were also very useful in understanding the New Testament. Very well-written, the author made me realize how living in New Testament times may seem strange to us modern people due to all the events that may seem absurd to us such as the unexplicable miracles and parables that can be profound to interpret. At the same time, our current practices may likewise be unfathomable to those ancient people, such as the healing methods we practice today. Jesus performed miracles for healing with his bare hands and a whisper of prayer to God, but nowadays, tools and equipment and a whole lot of chemicals are needed to perform certain medical procedures for treatment and healing. As a nursing student, this was top of mind for me. I learned from the book that people had various motivations in perpetuating knowledge about Jesus and the biblical truths. Some of them wanted to censor the works of others in the intention that theirs will be more pronounced. I can easily relate it to how the contemporary world works… In a sense, attitudes of some people have not changed.. grand-standing is still common among those who are glory-seekers. Powell also made it clear to me that learning about the gospel truths takes many forms. One is interpretation of the texts and another is more concrete archeological endeavours to unearth hidden truths. Still another is sociological criticism wherein studies were done in the backdrop of biblical society. Cultural anthropology refers to the study of the people’s cultures at that time. Historical criticism was done on the New Testament for historians to understand history. The book mentioned many more ways to study the bible including analyzing and criticizing its sources, forms, etc. Both Exegesis or the scholarly study of biblical texts using various academic approaches, and Hermeneutics or the philosophical reflection of biblical interpretations of the proper authorities emphasized to me how serious some bible scholars can be in scrutinizing the bible. With this, I have also come to realize that Christians should not only read the bible to derive God’s truth. Some who actually study it seriously gain the most wisdom in doing so. I have just been forced to study the New Testament because of this course and I know it is something I truly need as a Christian. Of all the readings that were required for this assignment, the chapter on Jesus was most significant to me. It made me realize how important He was and still is to his followers and how much impact he made in the lives of Christians and non-Christians alike. As a humble Jew, who implemented an itinerant ministry, preached to anyone who cared to listen no matter where He was. He gained the ire of jealous officials who were regarded as serving high positions in society because of how influential he was becoming to the people. Jesus’ charisma included the deep and meaningful metaphoric ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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