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Compare Organizations - Research Paper Example

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The American Association of Heart Failure Nurses vs. the American Academy of Nurse Practitioners Name Institution Date The American Association of Heart Failure Nurses vs. the American Academy of Nurse Practitioners There are a number of nursing organizations that are presently established in many countries…
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Compare Organizations
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Download file to see previous pages Similarly, some of these organizations are formed to help its members acquire higher education, learn more about the profession and be well equipped to serve the people that need their services and products. Therefore, joining such professional organization is a prudent approach to professionals who want to attain more in their profession. To begin with, these organizations have some aspects which are common. First, they have a minimum limit of the number of people that should be members. For example the American Association of Heart Failure Nurses and the American Academy of Nurse Practitioners have to adhere to this regulation so as to qualify to become an organization that will serve many people. This ensures that it is an organization that has a quorum and can discuss issues to greater lengths. If the number of people reach the required minimum, then the organization is likely to serve a large number of professionals in the world and in the stated region. Secondly, the organization must have a mission. A mission statement openly expresses the reason for formation of the organization and how it will help the members. An organization that has a strong mission is destined to serve its members without hesitation. As such, it will bank of fulfilling its mission while still maintaining high levels of service delivery. Thirdly, the professional organizations have to be open in case there is need to scrutinize the accounts, its performance and the way the internal environment in conducted. The organization is obligated to be open to its members since they have the right of association with the organization. Therefore, the members will want to know how the organization is run, its performance and any other issues that will affect the organization in the long run. As such, the members feel free to get any information that pertains to the organization. Therefore, the members are part of the scrutiny of the organization to note whether it is improving and making positive steps or if it is deteriorating in performance. The American Association of Heart Failure Nurses (AAHFN) is an organization that is specifically made to ensure its members are enhancing their education in nursing, getting more education in clinical practice, improving on their research and getting more information about how to improve heart failure outcomes in patients (American Academy of Nurse Practitioners, 2012). The organization has a mission to have special interests in heart failure and have a passion to treat such cases. Therefore, the organization is specialized in learning more about heart failures and how it can help heart failure patients when they are caught in such a position. In doing such, the organization has to ensure it connects with other nurses in other regions, which offers a pool of ideas. The exchange of ideas helps the organization treat these cases and contain any complexities that may arise. In so doing, the organization translates findings in research into practice, which helps find the best ways to cure any complexities that are found in heart failures. This organization welcomes all professionals who are specialized in caring for people with heart failure. As such, the organization values all the valuable professionals that could help improve care given to people who are having heart failure cases. The organization extends its services from clinics, hospitals and in many instances visit homes to ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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