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Bioterrorism - Research Paper Example

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Bioterrorism and Nursing [Course] [Course Instructor] Bioterrorism and Nursing The role of nurses in community health sector is significant. Similarly nurses are also held responsible for the initial inspection of diseases which are caused due to bioterrorism bacteria and agents…
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Extract of sample "Bioterrorism"

Download file to see previous pages This paper will study through previous researches and three different journals the barriers for the community health nursing for surveillance and identification of diseases caused by bioterrorism agents. Defining Bioterrorism: Bioterrorism is a form of terrorism in which different biological agents are released in order to make the people, plants or animals sick in masses. The consequences are in a number of deaths. These bioterrorism agents are usually viruses, bacteria, or toxins. However, these agents are present in the surrounding already but they are modified and reworked in a way that their ability is increased and that they also become resistant to the current medicines available so that there is no cure for them. The mediums usually used in order to multiply these bioterrorism agents are water, air and food sometimes. One of the major reasons for bioterrorism is that, that terrorist adopts this kind since it cannot be detected quickly and easily. These agents take time to react, sometimes days and sometimes even weeks (A‡ankaya & Kibaroglu, 2010). The significance of the study: The subject of bioterrorism in the community health sector in the US was not of major concern until 2001. The use of ‘Anthrax’ has created a serious fear of bioterrorism among the communities. Moreover, these bioterrorism attacks have also created realization and a sense of consideration for the healthcare department particularly community health nurses that their role during such attacks are very significant. Therefore proper education and training are very important factors for the community health nurses in order to overcome the chaos at the time of any bioterrorism attack (Mellehovitch, 2004). Bioterrorism and Community Health Nurses: Across the US, the issue of bioterrorism among the public health sector has become a core issue. Usually, the public and the US community rely initially on these primary healthcare departments for the inspection of any disease or unusual biological conduct. The community health nurses are the center of attention for this entire process and for delivering their services. However, cases have been observed where the lack of training and education among the health care nurses to handle and manage any bioterrorism attacks were observed, creating chaos and panic as a result. Not only this, the shortage of community of health nurses was also observed while any attack of bioterrorism. It is very obvious that the community health nurses need training for the bioterrorism preparedness so that they are ready to handle and are pre-prepared if their community is attacked by bioterrorism in a professional manner (Rebmann, 2006). According to a research journal on bioterrorism by the Journal of American Medical Association (JAMA) it was observed that many of the community healthcare staff and nurses did not follow any formal training or education in order to manage or handle any bioterrorism attack. Out of the hundreds of nurses interviewed by (Gerberding & Hughes, 2002) very few of them took courses and fhealth careation in community healthcare and for bioterrorism. While the remaining nurses made complaints to the researchers that were not able to conduct their studies on bioterrorism because of the shortage of the staff who will take coverage of their nonattendance. As a result they had to take help and lessons from those nurses ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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...dates the present sets that are in the proposed system, thus keeping it up to date. Data access and integrity is essential in this system, along with the recovery of information after certain failures (Ryan & Glarum, 2008). References Gill, P. S. (2008). Database management systems. New Delhi: I.K. International. Banoub, J., & NATO Advanced Research Workshop on Detection of Biological Agents for the Prevention of Bioterrorism. (2011). Detection of biological agents for the prevention of bioterrorism. Dordrecht: Springer. Ryan, J. R., & Glarum, J. (2008). Biosecurity and bioterrorism: Containing and preventing biological threats. Amsterdam: Butterworth-Heinemann. Ward, P., & Dafoulas, G. (2006). Database management systems. London:...
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... has obviously been keen on evaluating, monitoring, and assuming a proactive stance in addressing terrorist attacks, especially involving biological agents (Hughes, 1999). According to the Homeland Security, a national biodefense program has been put into place to address threats of biological agents (Homeland Security, n.d.). It was therefore disclosed that as part of the intensified need to address threats of bioterrorism, the Homeland Security has been assigned to establish four pillars of the defense program, to wit: “Threat Awareness; Prevention and Protection; Surveillance and Detection; (and) Response and Recovery” (Homeland Security, n.d., p. 1). As part of the government’s public health policy, close coordination and collaboration...
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... to the fact that the agents are not easily detected and in most cases the symptoms are not seen until after several hours or days. Given the nature of bioterrorism and its effect to the public there is a need for hospitals to come up with a measure that would make sure that they are ready for them at any time. This paper aims at discussing bioterrorism emergency preparedness for hospitals. In the United States of America the agents that are perceived to pose potential to the health and safety of the general population are referred to as select agents. For the hospitals to promptly respond to bioterrorism whenever there take place there need to be proper planning on the things that should be done to either avoid the occurrence or respond...
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... to come with an effect into the environment which will affect any living creature around. The germs, bacteria and viruses are said to be natural and they can be accelerated by use of the biological chemicals and tactics in order to be used negatively into the society. The effects spread into the whole society affecting the living creatures. One of the major reasons for the use of the biological agents is because they have the ability to spread through air, water and food ("Bioterrorism: Learn the Definition and Agents Used." 14). All the three modes of the agent’s flow can affect the environment very greatly. One of the major question over Bioterrorism is, How can it be stopped or be regulated? In the prevention of the attacks...
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... MHE 511 Module 1 Discussion Disaster management is critical to the welfare of the society. Over the years, national and international disasters have affected the world in many and different ways (Eshghi & Larson, 2008). Most importantly, unnatural disasters have been on the rise in recent times, especially in regards to terrorism-related activities. This trend brings bio-terrorism to the attention of different stakeholders around the world. It is important to ensure that adequate, effective, and efficient disaster management plans are in place to address any emerging needs and/or concerns (Kapucu & Liou, 2014). It is important for local, state, and federal stakeholders to formulate and implement functional plans that address... 511 Module 1 ...
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...ransmitted, as well as the most common and observable symptoms that the public should look out for (Heymann, 2008). The second step helps the public to avoid contacting the communicable disease through its various transmittable ways, by observing and then applying the preventive measures. The nurses also develops he right treatment procedures for the affected population, while applying other preventive measures such quarantines and isolations where necessary, most especially when the disease is categorized as contagious (Schlipköter& Flahault, 2010). Part B: Bioterrorism The Centre for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) defines bioterrorism as the deliberate act of releasing of harmful biological, living microorganisms or their...
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... which minimize the possibility of additional contamination have been offered, and imply additional investments in surveillance and preparedness. Continuing efforts to enhance response and preparedness to a bioterrorist assault are significant to further minimize mortality, morbidity as well as economic effect on public health. Keywords: risk management, public health policy, bioterrorism, community preparedness Introduction Basically, bioterrorism assault involves an intentional release of bacteria, viruses or other agents such as germs that can lead to death or illness in human beings, plants or animals. Normally, these agents are naturally found, however it is also possible that they can be altered to enhance their capacity to cause...
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