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Theories of Aging Assignment 05/15/2013 Theories of Aging Assignment Introduction It is a false belief that elder people tend to become less energetic and, therefore, less physically active as their age increases. First of all, physical slow down is not a pre-requisite for aging and is, hence, not desirable too…
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Theories of Aging Assignment
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Theories of Aging Assignment 05/15 Theories of Aging Assignment Introduction It is a false belief that elder people tend to become less energetic and, therefore, less physically active as their age increases. First of all, physical slow down is not a pre-requisite for aging and is, hence, not desirable too. Inactivity can be highly contagious for many people and can mitigate bone and muscle strength, lead to loss of flexibility and reduced lung and heart fitness. Staying active not only means physical health but also mental health. Remaining physically and mentally active relates to older people’s capability to live an independent life (Miller, 2011). There are various theories to explain as to how aging can affect the patterns of a person’s life and how these can be used to diminish the myths people have about aging is dwelled in detail below. Reflections on Beliefs It is never too late to begin exercising. Exercising is advantageous for people with physical margins and chronic disorders, such as heart diseases and arthritis. Physically active seniors feel much better, appear younger than they usually are and move easily. Studies have claimed that twenty or thirty minutes of exercise daily such as walking can improve the rate of metabolism in aged people. It is a myth that older people do not need as much sleep as youngsters do. Even though many old people claim that they do not sleep they actually witness mitigation in the quality of their sleep. As we grow older, our sleeping patterns get modified. At times aged people are being awake most of the night or tend to sleep less than youngsters but that’s not normal and influences physical and mental health in a bad way (Miller, 2011). Senior people eventually suffer from dementia or get senile due to age-related degenerative changes in their brain. Dementia is not considered to be a normal part of aging, it is a deviation. The progressive degenerative disease tears down brain cells and is a common form of Alzheimer’s disease. Exercises help to augment blood flow in brain, create new brain cells and lessen the inflammation that can cause the weakening of cells. Exercise has also been a reason for the increase in growth factors, which augments the connections between cells of the brain. It is necessary for these aged people to consume the proper nutritional value as defined in medicine in accordance to the age. Solving crosswords, Sudoku, and word search puzzles helps brain to remain active as well. Being socially healthy has a protective effect against Alzheimer’s disease. Volunteering, exploring new hobbies and interests, and travelling help stimulate brain at any age (Niemer, 2013). Theory of Aging The Atchley’s Continuity Theory states that there are differences in the retirement experiences of various individuals over time. People go through both discontinuity and stability as they grow old. There can be improvements or decline in the psychological and physical functioning of people as they grow old. Different people adapt differently in their unique ways to the process of aging. Not all people maintain their consistency over the passage of time in the way they think. Most people, however, maintain their adaptive capability over the passage of time and utilize their lasting patterns to improve their adaptation and life satisfaction as they become old (Atchley, 1999). Critique of Theory Continuity theory says that in making these choices for adaptation, middle-age and most senior citizens try to maintain and preserve existing external and internal structures. They usually prefer to achieve this objective by utilizing strategies linked to past experiences of their life and social world. Usually, the alteration is linked to an individual perception of the past, giving continuity in both inner and outer psychological distinctiveness as well as in the social behavior of an individual in social conditions. Thus, continuity is a broad adaptive strategy which is enhanced by both preference of an individual and society (Atchley, 1999). The theories of aging are important in social work practice with relevance to variety. Fisher’s theory of age-independent periods, Atchley’s theory of Continuity, Friend’s theory of aging of lesbian women and gay men, and Gibson and Stoller theories on race, gender, ethnicity, and class are theoretical ideas relating to diversity more productivity than most universalistic aging theories. The research findings of Atchley and continuity conceptualization have many regards for research and social work practice. Pertaining to practice, the continuity theory holds the eminence of evaluating relative balance between change and continuity in any individual and reality that continuity desire could be motivating for adaptation and goal seeking (Grossman & Lange, 2006). Conclusion It is a myth that senior people are depressed and lonely. Social isolation and loneliness play a huge role in reducing physical health in elders. These aged people should not be left alone so as to avoid any harmful effect it may have on their brain. Many studies have shown that elder women are lonelier than men are. Women have a greater life expectancy than most of men and that is why they eventually do live alone in the latter stages of life. On the other hand, men usually have a hard time coping with the demise of their wives than women because of small social networks they live in. Therefore, the myths are only myths when it comes to aging as people tend to act in a way that busts myths more often than it may actually seem (Niemer, 2013). Bibliography Atchley, R. C. (1999). Continuity and adaptation in aging: Creating positive experiences. Baltimore, MD: Johns Hopkins University Press. Grossman, S., & Lange, J. W. (2006, January 01).Theories of aging as basis for assessment. Retrieved from Miller, C. A., & Frances Payne Bolton School of Nursing (Cleveland, Ohio). (2011).Cram101 textbook outlines to accompany: Nursing for wellness in older adults: theory and practice. La Vergne, TN: Content Technologies, Inc. Niemer, E. (2013). 8 myths of aging. Retrieved from Read More
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