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Child health issue and its effect on the child and family (Autism) - Essay Example

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This research paper seeks to discuss children Autism in UK with a view to elucidate on existing policies and provisions, the needs and benefits of addressing Autism, the constituents of child health as well as the factors underlying in good and poor health…
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Child health issue and its effect on the child and family (Autism)
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Extract of sample "Child health issue and its effect on the child and family (Autism)"

Download file to see previous pages The paper “Child health issue and its effect on the child and family (Autism)” discusses the importance of the relationships of an autistic child and parents. Currently, Autism affects about one in every100 children. In UK, about 100,000 children have been diagnosed with Autism, with close to half a million families directly affected by this condition. Though, the number of children having a Statement of Special Educational Needs remains to be 2.8%, the number of children whose statement point autism as a primary need has gone up by 5% since 2011. Indeed, very recent diagnosis rates have pointed out that close to four times as many boys as the girls have autism. Research has revealed that, divorce rate of parents of children diagnosed with autism is 60% higher than the average. In a UK study of families having autism it was established that one in every three were single parents. Notably, only 11% of the carers who have children diagnosed with autism work full time where about 70% have reported of the lack of appropriate care facilities which causes them to fail to work. As such, the understanding that autism is drastically on the rise being coupled with difficulties arising from the care of an autistic child has fueled the recent calls for a cure to this condition. Since autism was identified in the UK, efforts to cure it have been underway. Indeed, the search for cure has often been brought into the limelight by the media, with the frequent question being that if cancer can be cured then why not autism. More importantly, if a cure for autism is to be found, then it is through creation and maintenance of programs and policies, that acknowledge the challenges of autism, having build it on autistic individuals' abilities, and further make it possible for those in the line of the spectrum to live fully in the community and the larger world (Clements and Zarkowska, 2000). By and large, the children Act Amendments on the proposed 1989 children Act of are in place to provide a more shared parenting. Section I 2A points it out that the parent could be involved in a child’s life in a manner that does not risk or expose a child to harm (Department for Education and Skills, 2004). Additionally, that if there is evidence on negative involvement of apparent on the child then the initial provisions will reconsider. Indeed the purpose of the amendments is to reinforce a Childs importance on relationships with the parents even in situation of divorce where the child interests will be considered first (Mitchell, 2012). However, other critics point it out the legislation may only put a child in greater emotional torture when the right ownership is contested in a court of law (Laming, 2009). The school policy statements points it out that, children with special needs may be admitted to specialist schools and further proceed to different levels in the mainstream education or the special schools in the local authority. Notably, schools will implement the policies on the behavioral support as well as bullying education sexual harassment and general safe guarding. As such, school role is inclusive of the provision of academic education as well as educate children on the social practical and communication skills (Merrell, 2007). Last but not least, proper student to staff ratio is to be maintained. Parents and the community have been encouraged to work collaboratively ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Child Health Issue and Its Effect on the Child and Family (Autism) Essay.
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