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Arab Discussion - Essay Example

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Arab discussion Possible response to Mrs. Nasser’s request and rationale for the response The nurse should exercise tolerance and understanding in responding to Mrs. Nasser’s request but at the same time apply persuasive tactics such as ethical appeal to ensure that she reaches a consensus with Mrs…
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Arab Discussion
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Download file to see previous pages The passive approach is necessary because of the role of culture as an integral factor to people’s quality of life and as well a barrier to nursing care. Even though some cultural practices undermine provision of care, members of the society are informed of benefits of culture to their well-being and a contrary approach may be a threat to their perspective to health care. A tolerant approach with understanding and persuasion will therefore offer Mrs. Nasser, who has a cultural reason against the physical examination, an opportunity to consider alternative approaches to testing the patient towards efficient treatment. Persuasion can also help in establishing the need for examination towards effective treatment (Andrews and Boyle, 2008; Kulwicki, 2013). Culturally congruent strategies that may be effective in addressing Mrs. Nasser’s needs Strategies towards cultural competence identify congruency towards meeting Mrs. Nasser’s needs to preserve her cultural orientation and to cure her ill daughter. Cultural awareness is one of the culturally congruent strategies that that may be effective in resolving the issues towards the needs and being informed of the sensitivity to young girls’ virginity in the Arab culture is an example that could help the nurse in handling the situation by informing the nurse of potential obstacle to care. It involves being informed of a society’s cultural constructs for a suitable approach to providing care to culturally sensitive clients. Cultural awareness would inform the nurse of the negative opinion towards physical examination of young girls’ genitals and ensure a less controversial approach. The nurse could similarly be informed of the society’s sensitivity towards young girls’ virginity and explain the fact that examination by a female nurse would not threaten the cultural perspective. Establishing a set of strategies towards cultural cohesion is another culturally congruent strategy that may be effective in addressing the client’s needs. This strategy equips a nurse with alternative approaches to integrate the client’s culture with necessary nursing practices towards meeting the needs (Andrews and Boyle, 2008; Dreachslin, Gilbert and Malone, 2012). This strategy can be developed from a nurse’s experience with Nasser’s culture and through constructs of cultural competence approach such as “cultural knowledge, cultural skill, cultural encounters, and cultural desire” (Votroubek and Tobacco, 2010, p. 579). Cultural sensitivity and intelligence, from the competencies, would also help the nurse in selecting available strategies towards managing Mrs. Nasser’s cultural fears and agreeing on a suitable approach to testing the girl. In applying cultural sensitivity, for example, the nurse should understand the Arab culture’s sensitivity to young girls’ virginity and the extent to which the society can sacrifice to protect the cultural observation apply incorporate this in building Nasser’s confidence that her daughter’s virginity would not be compromised (Votroubek and Tobacco, 2010). Ensuring that Mrs. Nasser’s concerns are addressed and Samia receive appropriate care The nurse can ensure that Nasser’s concerns are addressed and Samia receive appropriate care by understanding the involved cultural barrier to the proposed care approach, identifying ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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