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IRB Proposal - Assignment Example

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IRB Proposal Name Institution Does Induce Therapeutic Hypothermia Impact Neurologic Function And Improve Patients Out? The purpose of this study is to have an in-depth comprehension on whether induced therapeutic hypothermia impact neurologic function and improve patients out…
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IRB Proposal
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Download file to see previous pages The five survey tools include online surveys, mobile data collection surveys, face-to-face surveys, mail and telephone survey tools. A Description of The Subjects of This Study Will Include: 1.0 Sampling procedures Set rules and procedures will be established in order to have a diverse sample so that extensive and comprehensive results are achieved. The sampling procedures will include patients who have had a long history of various neurologic complications and it will also include those patients who have recently being diagnosed. Thus, this will enable the study to have a variety of subjects for a thorough understanding. The patients will be sampled from two metropolitan hospitals in order to have a diverse sample that is all inclusive of all races (Biller, 2008). 2.0 Sampling population The sample population will include all patients from all ages including the young and the old. This will enable the study to be wide and have various patients so that the sample is complete with people from different age groups. It is paramount for the study to research and comprehend how induced therapeutic hypothermia impacts neurologic function and improve patients of different age groups since there has to be similarities and differences on the impact depending on the age groups (Biller, 2008). Since the sample population will be taken from two metropolitan hospitals, the sample population will be wide and diverse with patients from different backgrounds. This will be beneficial for the study in researching the impacts on different races and also the rate of response in accordance to the age, race and location of the patient. Recent research has elaborately shown that these three factors of age, race and locality of the patient greatly impact on the responses to various medical conditions (Tisherman & Sterz, 2005). 3.0 Number of subjects expected to participate The number of subjects expected to take part in the study is 200. This number was agreed on since it is quite a large number of subjects and it will be able to incorporate all the subjects in line with the sampling population. The 200 subjects will be from each metropolitan hospital and therefore the study will comprise of a total of 400 subjects which is humongous for a successful research. A successful study requires such a number of subjects in order to achieve reasonable and accurate results (Tisherman & Sterz, 2005). 4.0 Duration In Which Subjects Will Be Involved The subjects will be involved in the study for a period of 6 months from each metropolitan hospital. This will enable the research term to extensively conduct thorough studies on the subjects since the duration is long enough. Each metropolitan hospital will be allocated 6 months and therefore the whole study period for the subjects will be one year. This duration is adequate to fully understand and study even the minute details from a subject in regard to this research. Therefore, it is evident that the final results will be correct and the rate of errors will be minimal. The duration will enable the research team to have ample time to compare and contrast any similarities and differences between the subjects from the two metropolitan hospitals (Biller, 2008). 5.0 Follow-up procedures after the study After the study is over, there will be a 3 months period for following-up the subjects to see if there are any notable changes. These changes can either be positive or negative depending on the situation. Since the body is very complex, it is paramount to ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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