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Relection on Total knee replacement surgery - Research Paper Example

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Total knee replacement surgery Grade Course (20th, March. 2013) Total knee replacement surgery This is a surgical operation undertaken to replace a knee that is completely damaged either through injury or arthritis. The procedure was first undertaken in 1968, and from then it has proved to be one of the most successful surgical procedures in medicine, with more than 600 thousand people undergoing knee surgery in the USA every year (Bellemans, Ries & Victor, 2005)…
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Relection on Total knee replacement surgery
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Download file to see previous pages After the knee is open, a four-step procedure is undertaken to have the knee completely replaced with metallic components, some plastic spacers and button, to enhance the normal functionality of the knee joints. The first step of the knee replacement surgery entails the removal of the damaged knee components, where the damaged knee cartilage on the surface of both tibia and fibula are removed, together with some reasonable amount of the underlying bone (Scuderi & Tria, 2002). This marks the preparation of the knee, for a total replacement, since the already damaged components are removed and the knee is now ready to take a replacement. This step is followed by positioning the metal implants. Here, the components of the knee; the cartilage and the bone surface, are now replaced with some metal components that recreate the surface of the joint (Bellemans, Ries & Victor, 2005). During this replacement, the metal components, which have been prepared to suit the natural knee components, are either cemented or pressed to fit into the remaining bone component. The next step that follows the positioning of the metal implants is the resurfacing of the patella (the knee cap), which requires the knee cup to be cut and then resurfaced with a plastic button, which will not collide with the metallic implants that have been implanted on the knee (Scuderi & Tria, 2002). However, as explained by the surgeon, depending on the case and extent of the knee damage, the knee cap might not be resurfaced. The final step of the Total knee replacement surgery is to place the spacers. This step entails putting some medical-grade plastic spacers between the metal components that have been implanted on the knee, to create a smooth gliding surface (Bellemans, Ries & Victor, 2005). My feeling during the procedure was that the patient may fail to function fully after the knee is replaced, because the operation was being undertaken for a 70 year old woman. I also felt that the Total knee replacement surgery was not a very complex sort of operation, although it required a high degree of concentration and precision, lest the metal implantations done on the knee fails to fit accurately and thus lead to more knee problems. The lesson that I learnt from the Total knee replacement surgery procedure is that; it is a surgical procedure that is compatible with all ages. Additionally I learnt that the Total knee replacement surgery is not uniformly done to all people, and that some aspects of the procedure depends on the patient, their situation, and the extent to which their knee is damaged either through injury or arthritis. While the Total knee replacement surgery basically follows a four-step procedure, I realized that the final step of the surgical procedure, referred to as spacer insertion, is not a mandatory or universal step in the Total knee replacement surgery, since it can be omitted for some patients. Another invaluable lesson that I learn regarding the Total knee replacement surgery is that; the medical history of the patient is fundamental in determining their qualification for the procedure. This is because, the medical history helps the surgeon to assess the strength of the patient ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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