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Assessment of Chinese culture - Research Paper Example

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Assessment of Chinese Culture Name: Lecturer: Institution: Course: Date: Abstract The research carried out comprehensive assessment of Chinese culture. The researcher provided a brief introduction on the way diverse cultural beliefs and practices can impact the roles of nurses…
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Assessment of Chinese culture
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Download file to see previous pages These cultural aspects included different religious beliefs, eating habits and diverse beliefs towards family planning methods. Through cultural biasness created, the researcher realized that Chinese distance themselves when communicating with other, avoid too many question by keeping silent and have a sense of humor. The researcher recommended nurses to build trusting relationships, advance their medical training programs and learn to communicate effectively in a multicultural environment. Lastly, the conclusion summarized what the researcher discussed under the research topic. Assessment of Chinese Culture Introduction Culture is an essential aspects and it plays significant roles in life of many people across the globe. Chinese culture is one of the oldest cultures that have been studied across the globe. The Chinese culture is dominant in the Eastern Asia whereby tradition, norms and values vary significantly among the provinces. They have different cultural components such as martial arts, music, cuisine and many others. Cultural diversity enriches Chinese, yet it also poses varied challenges for nurses. This is because Chinese have cultural beliefs towards traditional medicines and such beliefs influences them on the way they treat illness and what constitutes good healthcare. They have beliefs on the way a person experiences and respond to pain or when one needs treatment. Nurses work with different people from diverse cultural backgrounds in order to deliver culturally competent healthcare. Therefore, nurses must embrace and understand varied cultural aspects in order to offer their patients culturally acceptable pain management. They should also be aware of the cultural beliefs, values and customs that might influence the patient’s responses to pain. Cultural belief can impact the role of nurses; thus, it is significant for nurses to stereotype patients in regard to cultural aspects. This will help nurses to understand the cultural patterns in order to deliver effective services. Thus, the research offers an assessment of Chinese culture and the way these cultural beliefs can impact the role of nurses; thus offering effective recommendations vital for improving nursing care in a multicultural environment. Summary of Chinese Cultural Aspects Chinese have different cultural aspects ranging from lifestyles, health practices, health beliefs and other different cultural aspects. A comprehensive interview was carried out in order to examine the way nurses build their nursing relationship with patients from different cultural areas. The qualitative data were collected through open-ended interviews in order to determine in case cultural lifestyles, health practices and health beliefs among the Chinese impact nursing roles. One man who is an M.D from a private health care organization and well conservative of Chinese culture, but living in America was interviewed. It was found that Chinese have varied health beliefs and practices that should be taken into consideration when dealing with Chinese patients. First, it was found that many Chinese avoid direct eye contact when communicating with others. For instance, many Asians consider it being disrespectful when looking at someone directly into the eye and this is likely to impact the roles of nurses in the hospital settings (Sagar, 2011). A Chinese patient may avoid eye ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Assessment of Chinese Culture Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2000 Words.
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