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Analysis of leadership in a healthcare organization - Term Paper Example

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The Charismatic Leader University The Charismatic Leader Health care, one of the largest and most important industries today requires strong leadership in order for it to maintain its current success. Yet, developing new leaders in clinical practice is not so easy…
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Analysis of leadership in a healthcare organization
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Extract of sample "Analysis of leadership in a healthcare organization"

Download file to see previous pages Should the organization focus on reducing medical errors or developing leaders first? Should they focus on financial sustainability or create a process of leadership development? In many instances, health organizations address issues which are most pressing before they deal with issues with long term impacts, such as in the case of leadership. Moreover, leaders are faced with complicated internal dynamics between administrations and clinicians, physicians and nurses, pharmacists and physicians (McAlearney, 2006), etc. which in turn, makes it difficult to implement new policies. In a research conducted by Ann McAlearney (2006), it was discovered that many health practitioners realize that the industry is lagging in the case of leadership development. ...
There is a need for leaders who can represent the medical community and the patient population – leaders who can “respond to multiple stakeholders and meet performance goals across multiple dimensions of effectiveness” (McAlearney, 2006, p. 967). The question now is: what kind of leader can motivate people to work together towards a common goal? Literatures on management and leadership refer to transformational leadership based on idealized influence (charisma) may be an appropriate style. What is charismatic leadership? Bud Haney (2012) calls charismatic leaders, the beacons of positivity, “charismatic leaders impact others with the power of optimism…To get team members to go the extra mile and engage with their work” (p.18). Meredith Babcock-Roberson (2010) shares the same view, but adds: “a [charismatic leader] provides clarity when the situation is unclear, resolves shortcomings and motivates change by articulating a strategic vision…[they] communicate high performance expectations, exhibit con?dence, take risks that oppose the status quo, and emphasize a collective identity…[they set] personal examples and [make] personal sacri?ces” (p. 314). A charismatic leader’s is able to bring people to work together by providing his subordinates a clear view of the group’s vision and the role of each individual in the achievement of such vision. Because the emphasis of charismatic leadership “is on people of vision who are creative, innovative, and capable of getting others to share their dreams while playing down self-interest; and who are able to cooperate with others in reshaping the strategies and tactics of the ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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