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Jonesborough, Tennessee a Community Project - Research Paper Example

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A paper "Jonesborough, Tennessee a Community Project" reports that the population density of Jonesborough is 1035 per square mile. The median age of the residents of Jonesborough is 38.14. The male population in Jonesborough is 2842 while the female population is 2456. …
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Jonesborough, Tennessee a Community Project
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Download file to see previous pages The percentage of the population in Jonesborough with a bachelor’s degree and higher is 25.70%. Over 30% of the population are high school graduates. Over 90% of children 3 years and above attend school. Out of the 2179 households in Jonesborough, there are 1522 household families, 654 households are non-family, 603 are households have children and 1573 households have no children. The average household size in Jonesborough is 2.34. The annual residence turnover in Jonesborough is 16.96% (, 2010) The median household income for Jonesborough is $44,436. The per capita income is $25,765. In 2012, the unemployment rate in Jonesborough was at 6.3%, which is lower than the national average. The percentage of residents earning an income below the poverty level in Jonesborough is 25.6% a higher percentage compared to the states figure, which is 22.3%. The percentage of children living below the poverty level in Jonesborough is 33.1%. The University of Tennessee reports that although the number of uninsured adults dropped to 11.2% in 2012, the number of uninsured children in Jonesborough community rose to 2.7% from 2.4%. In Washington County, the average health care cost is $10322. Looking at the health behaviors in Washington County approximately 28% of the adult population smoke, 29% of the adult population are obese, 29% are physically inactive (, 2012). In Washington County, the number of premature deaths per 100, 000 of the population is 9028. According to, the median travel time to work in Jonesborough is 18.84 minutes. Data show less than 1% of the population utilize public transportation. 96% of Jonesborough population drive. Two percent of the population walk or cycle and 1% of the population walk home. The air pollution index of Jonesborough is 105 while its carbon monoxide index is 76. The lead index is 184. Environmentalist rate the good air quality in Jonesborough at 82%.  ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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