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Legal Ascts of the Nursing - Homework 3 - Essay Example

Patient safety entails knowing and reducing factors that may cause medical errors, communication of any relevant patient information to other medical health care providers, and disclosure of patient information (Byers and White 84). In the case in question, health care provider’s responsibility of maintaining patient safety is on the limelight. This is because the patients and health care society view health care providers as quality and safety leaders. Among the different roles that a physician should execute, he or she should take an active part in practice-specific activities that ensure patient’s safety (Byers and White 88). Though the doctors restrained Mr. Garcia to prevent self-harm, they failed to provide a direct one-to-one observation to Mr. Garcia, who later escaped from the hospital. Therefore, Mr. Garcia’s escape from the hospital can be linked to the physicians’ failure to observe him closely. In addition, communication of relevant patient information to other health care practitioners is a principle eminent in the case. It is the responsibility of health care practitioners to inform other health care providers about a patient. ...
The organization can be held liable for the death of Mr. Garcia due to the actions of its employees. The employees act as agents of the organizations and their actions amount to actions of the organization. However, the police can also be held liable to some extent for the death of Mr. Garcia. In this case, the physicians who are employees of the

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This evidence is insufficient to prove wrong-doing. First, other nurses have testified that they had themselves encountered difficulties in the preparation of the written records, because of difficulties in remembering the dosages as well as the kinds of medications that they administered during their shifts.
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Legal Aspects of nursing, Homework 5
However, since ethics are often bent and individual molarity differs from person to person, it is the duty of any institution to put in place mechanisms aimed at taming such eventualities (Roussel, Swansburg, & Swansburg, 2006). This paper is going to evaluate a case in which a nurse has been suspended for abuse of office.
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The rampant cases of healthcare malpractices by the nurses raise concern and legal framework has to be made even tighter to curb negligence as one of the greatest vice in this profession. Considering the case at hand, a tricky situation is presented against the facility as the defendant for suspending the nurse.
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First, the patient herself reported that she wanted to commit suicide. That is a principle to protect the safety of the patient even if it is made by the patients themselves. Second, the police leaves the patient; Judy, under hospital care since her life could be at risk with depression and stress if not helped by a psychiatrist, that is majorly why the police take them to the hospital where medical health could be found the third principle is that the patient is placed under psychiatrist check and a nurse is assigned to the patient for around the clock monitoring and check (NPSG, 2013).
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This is largely the respect for personal liberties. This duty approves choice. Suicide is the result of psychological debilitation. Therefore, widening autonomy to those extremely troubled facilitates suicidal behavior. Therefore, leaving the door to the bathroom open makes it easy for Judy to try to hang herself.
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Firstly, the principle of dignity and humanity has been violated by literally locking up Judy in a room and denying her the freedom to associate with others or access standard care (Mills, 2012). Secondly, the principle of managing risk also features prominently in this case; the clinicians have not followed it in managing Judy’s suicide ideation, despite clear signs that she has attempted suicide by improvising a rope.
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Patient safety is at the center of the roles of medical practitioners and protecting patients against harm is a primary priority for every physician. Byers and Susan defines patient safety as the freedom from events that may result to harm from the
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Such a discrepancy is an evidence that the nurse was dishonest and hence had to face suspension as investigation is carried out. The testimony from other nurses
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b) The shift is likely to increase saving and consumption this year while decreasing savings and consumption the following year as presented in the above diagram. There will be more money available to spend and save in the current year, while less money in the following
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On the other hand, the saturation levels of oxygen in the blood, breath sounds, and capillary refill are checked to ensure that the patient receives adequate
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organization did not exercise full responsibility in ensuring Mr. Garcia’s safety. Though they restrained him to avert any harm on him, they failed to keep a close look on him. Mr. Garcia had confessed of wanting to harm himself, a fact that would have necessitated the use of strong restraints to avert any physical harm on his body. On the contrary, the physicians use soft restraint method for Mr. Garcia, which he slipped off from. However, it is not clear whether the hospital had other strong constraints that would have been used in restraining Mr. Garcia. Therefore, if the hospital had put measures that would have contributed to Mr. Garcia’s safety through restraining him from escaping, the physicians involved in Mr. Garcia’s case could be held personally liable for negligence of their duties towards the patient. In regard to the police’s responsibility in his death it must be noted that they exercised reluctance in their duty when ensuring the safety of Mr. Garcia. Since the patient had confessed to both the physicians and police about his intend to harm himself, the police would have exercised some more care by confiscating his car keys. They would also have kept a close look on him other than leaving that responsibility to the physicians. According to the facts of the case, it is not clear whether the hospital had instituted procedures to ensure patient safety. However, the fact that the physicians who


Nursing Legal Aspects of Nursing A sturdy rivulet of high-visibility medical mishaps and accidents, which are a result of carelessness, makes patient safety being on the front page of health care. Under the Patient Safety Act (2005), physicians and health care providers have the responsibility of reducing unpleasant accidents involving patients…
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Legal Ascts of the Nursing - Homework 3
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