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A nuclear family unit - Essay Example

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In almost every family, there are similar yet construed things that members of these families do on a daily basis. The type of family that this researcher visited and interviewed is a nuclear family unit. The family looked presentable; the father is concerned with the health of both the expectant mother and the unborn child…
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A nuclear family unit
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Download file to see previous pages One can describe the ages of this family unit as chronological in order. First, the father is 42 years, works as a carpenter, and appears healthy and strong. The mother is 36 years old, a truck driver, and smokes one packet of cigarettes per day. The girl is 12 years old, attends school as required, and no petty issues were noted except the fact that she appears a bit overweight for a girl of such age but no obesity as such to be reported. The boy is six years old and plays well, meaning he is physically fit. It would be accurate to describe this family’s social group as middle working class particularly with the ability to afford their children’s education, medical insurance, and a four bed-roomed house. Although the father did reach 11th grade, he did not manage to graduate while the mother has knowledge in attending heavy machinery. Thus, the educational background of this family is obsolete and this could be the reason they are seeking to have their children study hard in order to break that chain of low levels of education (Doane & Varcoe, 2005). Generally, the family has a great deal of strengths given that the father was treated for alcoholism and resolved to become a responsible husband and a father while the mother was treated for a health issue that could affect her delivery system. Additionally, both parents are regular cigarette smokers but the children are doing great which leads to the conclusion that the whole family is physically fit (Doane & Varcoe, 2005). ...
The setting of this home is intact and has the relevant requirements of such kind of a family. The house has four bedrooms and two bathrooms. It is also very clean and neat signifying that it is always tidy. Q2 As of this point, the family looks prepared both psychologically and physically since they have made tremendous progress regarding the incoming baby. Pertinently, the mother is looking forward to stop working when she is one month due to the speculated date of the actual birth. The father is working tirelessly and has an insurance cover against any health risks that may befall the family. Generally, the whole family is considering the presence of the unborn child as a blessing rather than a burden a factor that shows that it is ready for another member of the family (Doane & Varcoe, 2005). With comparison to the textbook, a fully prepared family both physically and psychologically is that which has almost all the necessary things that a pregnant woman needs as well as the essential items that a born child requires. What was the topic that stood out Nutritional status Nutritional status This family’s nutrition status is incredible following the fact that they keep a healthy diet. Their breakfast composes of peanut toast with yoghurt and fruits as snack. They take nutritious lunch full of proteins and supper involves red meat, vegetables, and ice cream as snack. Hence, this family’s nutrition status stands out as the best topic of discussion during the interview. Bonding behaviors First, the relationship between the mother and father is healthy. Second, the children go to the same school and play together pointing out that they relate to each other well. Therefore, the research concluded that the overall family relationship is in the best ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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A Nuclear Family Unit Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 Words.
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