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Critical appraisal and evaluation evidence - Research Paper Example

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Critical appraisal and evaluation evidence Name: Institution: Drug treatment of elevated blood pressure Balancing body's energy demands is one key component of meditation that aids in controlling the blood flow in the body. The human body is made up of tissues which make up body organs…
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Critical appraisal and evaluation evidence
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Extract of sample "Critical appraisal and evaluation evidence"

Download file to see previous pages This balances the energy consumption in the body thereby reducing significantly the amount of energy that the body requires for normal functioning. The body's energy requirement further influences the pressure of blood flow within the vessels. It regulates the heart beat thereby regulating the amount of blood flowing within the tissues. The reduced amount of blood in the vessels keeps the arteries open to accommodate the blood thus containing the condition. This is therefore the first step towards managing hypertension. Relaxation performs similarly actions to meditation only that the former includes other secondary body activities. Relaxation is a process in which the body calms down, this is a time in which the body minimizes its activities leaving the basic life sustenance activities such as breathing and little selective secondary activities (Wright &Musini, 2009). Relaxation is relative and different people relax differently, this therefore implies that different people use different amount of energy during relaxation. While others take short walks in cool weather for relaxation, others derive such privileges from small talks with friends. Besides the energy that the body consumes to sustain breathing, the body consumes substantial amount of energy to sustain the talks or the walks that different people refer to as relaxation. ...
Hypertension occurs in stages but is more prevalent in the elderly and the overweight whose arteries are thus constricted. Poor lifestyles results in an uncontrolled weight gain which is caused by increased underlying fat that the body reserves below the skin. As the fat piles, it narrows the blood vessels specifically the arteries. Narrowed arteries constrict the flow of blood thus causing higher pressure of the bold eventually bursting the blood vessels leading to internal bleedings. Hypertension is linked to shortened life expectancy and causes a number of other associated chronic conditions such as chronic kidney disease, heart failures and stroke among other opportunistic infections. Uncontrolled hypertension is a heightened level of the increased blood pressure that mainly occurs in adults. Being a lifestyle condition, hypertension requires a strict lifestyle regimen to control and manage. With effective management, it is possible to contain the condition or even treat it completely. The poor management results from heckles lifestyle which includes excessive consumption of alcohol and unregulated diet. Hypertension contributes to more than a thousand deaths annually in the United States of America alone. These deaths do not arise directly from the actual hypertension but from other related chronic conditions such as kidney infections and heart failures. Pharmacotherapy for mild hypertension Controlling the condition therefore requires one to engage in activities that lower blood pressure. One such activity is meditation. Therapeutic mediation begins with an effective understanding of oneself. This implies that one understands himself or herself and aware of the conditions he or she is suffering from. This ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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