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Personal Learning Achievement - Essay Example

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Name Name of institution Professor 1. Types of activities that supported my achievement of the criterion's outcomes that I chose I encountered both new and challenging situations that helped me a lot in my professional growth…
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Personal Learning Achievement
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Download file to see previous pages Moreover, I was engaged in team development activities through which I achieved trust and team loyalty. 1. Type of course activities helped me achieve those criteria Commitment, open-mindedness, dedication and readiness to learn are the main attributes that helped me meet the expectations of each activity. My greatest achievement was the realization that effective interpersonal communication is valuable when team members lend each other a listening ear while at the same time establishing conclusions on one another’s input. It is also precise that if a member tries to outshine others, effective interpersonal communication may not be achieved. Self-regulation is a key personal aspect that should prevail. Through group work, I was able to handle long and tough tasks that could not be solved by individuals (Duke & Appleton, 2000). 2. How I met the service, scholarship, or social change expectation through each activity as related to the framework's learning outcomes The service, scholarship, or social change expectation outcomes were achieved through participation in service programs. Scholarship enables one to acquire knowledge and use it properly without disruptions. This allowed for easy interaction between research, theory and practice. I am able to communicate effectively and I can manage information technology tools for professional delivery of nursing services. Through the training, I have changed positively and I now understand better the patient needs and how I should handle them from a social perspective. 3. The insights I have about where I started, where I am now, and where I may go. How I would write my personal and professional goals now When I first went to practice, I had a negative attitude because I felt that the profession is too demanding especially in patient management. I thought the occupation created prolonged necessities and specialized training. There was the nagging thought of self-inefficiency, I felt like I did not have enough body of knowledge to handle the numerous responsibilities and roles that I was supposed to perform. However, through this training, I have come to understand what a professional does. The skills that range from talking to listening are now clear to me. I have realized that nursing is an interactive profession, which involves interfaces with patients. Through (Kohl, 2000), I comprehended that confidentiality arises from a distinct relationship that is established between the patients and their caregivers. In this way, patients are free to seek medical attention, counseling, advice and treatment. However, I have realized that nurses have to tolerate aspects of hope, failure, fears and dreams that are presented by patients. The nurses take up this idiosyncratic dimension of professional life in meditative writing. I now know that nursing is one of the professions that need endless advancements. It calls for an all-time learning, which makes use of distinct understanding and skills. SUMMARY OF THE LAST QUESTION 4. How my perception of the nursing profession was, my chosen specialty, and who I am as a nurse changed on this journey to become a master's-prepared nurse Initially I had an exceptionally different perception on nursing as a profession. I thought nursing as a profession does not require any drive or passion to pursue it. However, as I embarked on the course I realized that nursing requires more than the urge of pursuing it. In essence, nursing requires passion and ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Personal Learning Achievement Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 Words.
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