Cohorting Colonized Low Risk Patients with MRSA and Using Universal Precautions will Increase Patient Satisfaction, Improve pati - Research Proposal Example

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Proposal Outline A. Study design This study will determine whether the use of universal procedures for the control of MRSA lead to better outcomes in terms of hospital cost savings and perceptions of well-being among the patients. As the amount of money spent in this regard is huge, there is a hope to reduce this extra cost if it can be proved that universal measures are superior to other measures which are currently in practice…
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Cohorting Colonized Low Risk Patients with MRSA and Using Universal Precautions will Increase Patient Satisfaction, Improve pati
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Extract of sample "Cohorting Colonized Low Risk Patients with MRSA and Using Universal Precautions will Increase Patient Satisfaction, Improve pati"

Download file to see previous pages Since the aim is to cut-down the running costs of hospitals by implementation of newer method, the collection of cost-related data from hospital authorities to make comparisons is also part of this study. B. Study population i. Setting The best possible avenue for this study could be a general hospital, as the availability of multiple specialties provides an opportunity to work in a coordinated manner with all specialties who can possibly contribute to this study. A hospital with a Department of Infectious Disease will be preferred for this study. As the Department of Infectious Disease works with nearly all other departments of the hospital, its position is central in contributing not only to the hospital but also to this study. Presence of an isolation ward is mandatory for this study, due to the fact that MRSA infected cases are the subjects of this study, and they require isolation. In addition to this, a reasonable turnover of patients is also expected to be the norm of the selected hospital. The reason for this is the fact that, the higher the number of subjects enrolled for this study, the better will be the results. ii. Subject selection Various specialties of hospital will be informed about the ongoing study. They will be requested to report to the Infectious Disease Department, the presence of suspected cases of MRSA. These cases will then be evaluated in order to make sure they are suitable candidates for this study. A total of twenty patients will be selected from those who are being treated under contact isolation while another twenty will be selected from among those who are receiving universal precautions. Patients who are unable to communicate verbally will not be selected as subjects for this study, as this study also involves interviewing the subjects to assess their wellbeing. Mentally ill patients or children under the age of 13 will also be excluded from this study. iii. Subject recruitment strategy The subjects will be recruited from the hospital. A clear-cut written guideline/checklist will be provided to the assisting hospital staff for the purpose of selection of candidates. Assistance will be sought from the hospital management and the hospital staff, especially doctors and nurses, who will help to identify the patients who fit the profile for the purpose of this research. Gaining assistance from hospital staff will also decrease our study cost, as the hospitals staff is often well aware of their patients’ conditions and the need to test them again for being suitable for the study-under-consideration will not exist. Willingness of patients to become part of this study will be sought after explaining to them the importance of this study, and how they can contribute to the overall wellbeing of humanity by being part of this study. The consent of each patient will be gained after explaining the purpose and scope of the study. C. Study variables i. Independent variables The independent variables for this study will include the frequency of use of universal procedures compared with the frequency of use of gloves and gowns byhospital staff in the course of their interaction with MRSA patients. These variables will help to determine the incidence of infections transmitted from MRSA patients under study to other patients and staff members in the hospital.It will include the instances where ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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