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National General Hospital - Essay Example

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A Case Study on Operations Management “National General Hospital (NGH)” Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (KSA) Case Study Outline This study will cover the various aspects of operations management of ‘National General Hospital’ situated in a city of Saudi Arabia…
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National General Hospital
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Extract of sample "National General Hospital"

Download file to see previous pages Moreover, the hospital is a service-oriented organization that aims to provide all kinds of healthcare services to the people living in the vicinity of the facility. With the passage of time, however, the research and development areas should also be a point of focus during the study. In order to evaluate the performance of the management of the hospital, all operational aspects will be studied and evaluated, and the results will be presented. Current situations, potential issues, as well as a need based analysis will be covered under this research report. Finally, after summarising the current needs, performance and future requirements will be made a part of the report by providing suitable suggestions and recommendations based upon the findings of this study. Executive Summary The aim of this case study is to discuss all the relevant and significant aspects of operations management. Therefore, the choice of a hospital has been made with respect to the numerous kinds of services being provided, the nature and scope of business in the community, as well as the customer/patients turnover ratio. Beyond these components, this kind of business is not always profit oriented, rather it depends on the objective of the owners/shareholders as to whether they desire it to be a charity organization or a profit earning institution. By keeping all of these points in mind, it bears mentioning that the hospital is the kind of business that is always at its best when providing quality health services to its patients. This research is exploratory in nature, which includes primary as well as secondary data sources to be used for purposes of research. Similarly, the results have been made more generalized and easy to understand because of the nature of hospital business. This data will not be presented in a complex way so that a better understanding can be developed in readers. During the case study, the researcher studied many interesting concepts that will be made a part of the eventual research findings. Moreover, conclusions and a few recommendations have also been give due consideration in the end, so that the research report could be made more effective and comprehensive. One of the salient recommendations is to have a continuous system of checks and balances in the hospital, which is needed in order to fulfil the needs of the social enterprises where maintaining the quality of health care is of prime importance. Introduction Overview National General Hospital is one of the most famous small size health care centres in Saudi Arabia. It was established in the late 1990s for the purpose of providing basic health services to a small town near Jeddah. With the passage of time, however, the shareholders earned reasonably large profits that urged them to do more with the facility. Therefore, they converted this small clinic into a hospital providing detailed treatments to the patients. In 2006, the hospital set up its outpatient department that functioned extremely well, and after only a couple of years this 50 bed hospital was converted into a complete hospital with 2 operation theatres, outpatient facilities and special wards for adults, as well as children and infants. Now the hospital has a great reputation and residents of nearby localities also prefer to be referred to NGH in times of need. Now this hospital is a 100 bed complete health care centre providing all kinds of basic as, well as specialized, health care services to the patients at affordable ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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