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Epidemiology Case Study - Research Paper Example

College of Nursing, 2012, sl.10). The epidemiologic triangle model is comprised of the agent, host, and environment in relation to health and disease. Moreover, “[a]ccording to this model, the agent, host, and environment can coexist” (Anderson & Mcfarlane, 2011, p. 44). It is when there is no balance among them that disease can take place. The following are the agent and hosts. The infectious agent in case of swine flu is virus H1N1, which is a subtype of influenza A virus, the latter being a common and much less harmful cause of flu among humans. Hosts are individuals that have contact to animal hosts of the H1N1 virus, such as pigs. Similarly, in case of avian flu, another strain of influenza A hosts were birds, as infections took place, “in or near known wintering sites for migratory birds” (Gilbert et al., 2006, p.1650). Moreover, individuals with low immune system levels can easily become hosts. Environment is crucial in transmission of the virus and incidence levels. According to Tellier (2006), “influenza viruses can be transmitted by 3 routes: aerosols, large droplets, and direct contact with secretions (or with fomites)” (p.1659). ...
Sale of infected pigs can transfer infections to a new area (Gilbert et al., 2006, p.1650). Complex Relationships between Epidemiological Triangle Components Since in this case the agent is type A virus, the transmission is dictated by its ability to spread like any other human influenza virus. Since the agent can spread through aerosols, it “can

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be carried over large distances, which may create a potential for long-range infections” (Tellier, 2006, p.1658). Moreover, if an infection takes place in a highly populated area, or unhygienic environments, transmission of the agent will take place on a large scale. That is, transmission takes place from an animal host onto a human host and then it spreads among humans. The infected area must thus be sealed off in order to prevent further infections, for even a wind can spread the virus to the uninfected areas. Contributing Factors in Pablo’s Infection Pablo was at a high risk of contracting the virus and becoming infected. His socio – economic status is the most important factor leading to the infection. First, according to Tellier (2006), immunity affects our resistance to the influenza viruses, since “we all have partial immunity against these viruses” (p.1660). Pablo’s immune system was most likely low due to inadequate diet arising from the poverty. Secondly, sanitation where Pablo lived with his family was poor; creating a ground for the transmission of the agent. Third, Pablo was enrolled in school, where other children of similar socio – economic background went as well. It is possible that the he contracted the disease in his classroom, or even from his parents. Pablo’s parents could have contracted the virus at work from an infected pig, or another worker.


Epidemiology Case Study Name Institution Caridad Center in Boynton Beach, Florida, is visited yearly by 7,000 low income families. Charlie Grove, one of the nurse practitioners, treated last winter a child, Pablo, who had swine flu symptoms. The preliminary diagnosis was confirmed through a nasal swab culture…
Epidemiology Case Study Paper
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