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This critique paper addresses the provision of medical care by the healthcare provider. It is about a woman, Susan, who was facing the problem of high blood pressure and to cure this problem, she visited a healthcare provider. The provider checked her medical condition and provided her with a plan of care…
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Critique Of The Last Health Assessment Paper
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Download file to see previous pages Miss Susan is a 40 years old woman. She is suffering from high blood pressure and is seeking a proper health and diet plan to recover from this medical problem. Last week, she went to see a doctor for health assessment. The doctor/health service provider welcomed her and asked her to tell him every thing about her lifestyle and diet. He wanted to know the type of diet that she takes, as well as the information about her lifestyle. Medical science links both mental state and lifestyle of a person with high/low blood pressure. This can be the reason why the health provider asked Susan about her lifestyle. As Reddin (2012) states, “stress reduction techniques can help lower high blood pressure” (p. 1). The provider told her some stress reduction techniques to help her control her blood pressure. Diet is also an important factor in determining the cause of high blood factor. Susan told the provider about the diet that she usually takes in breakfast, lunch, and dinner. However, the provider did not ask Susan to tell him whether she does physical exercises or not.
After getting the details of Susan’s diet and lifestyle, the provider prescribed her some medicines to her which she had to use within the period of two months. The provider asked her to visit the clinic again after two months for her checkup. As far as the side effects of the medicines are concerned, the provider did not tell her about any of the side effects. He told her to take the medicines regularly. He also prescribed a particular diet to Susan which she had to take before and after the intake of medicines. As far as agreement on the plan of acre is concerned, there was an agreement to some extent as the provider asked Susan to take a particular diet during the period of medication. The provider made her clear that her treatment can be affected if she will not follow the prescribed plan of diet and medication. The provided also told her that if she wants to control her blood pressure, she will have to keep herself cool and calm. The overall environment of the clinic was welcoming and clean. Susan felt very comfortable all the time she spent in the clinic. There was a lady who was welcoming every patient at the entrance of the clinic. There was a very light music being played in the waiting area that was creating a healing environment in the clinic. All of that was done to provide a relaxed and peaceful environment to patients. Today, many hospitals and clinics are focusing on creating therapeutic environment to promote healing and reduce stress (Zborowsky & Kreitzer, 2008). The provider was very good at listening to the concerns of patients. Susan liked the way he communicated with her. For example, he listened to Susan properly before prescribing her the required plan of treatment. Susan asked various questions to him about the causes of high blood pressure, as well as about the ways to keep the blood pressure normal and the provider responded to every question in a friendly manner. The provider asked Susan to wear a patient gown. The physical assessment was not very appropriate as the provider was a male doctor and he was asking Susan to open the buttons of her shirt to let him hear the sounds of her lungs properly. It was not an appropriate action as there should be some physical distance between a male healthcare provider and a female patient. The provider could have hired a female assistant to check female patients. However, as ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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