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The Dilemmas of Thinness: Eating Disorders and Their Causes Name University Abstract This paper determines the causes of eating disorders, predominantly the role of media and society in shaping body image issues. It reviews academic and valid sources, such as educational websites and scientific journals…
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Eating disorders -- causes Societys portrayal of woman
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Download file to see previous pages Social and genetic factors can produce eating disorder problems. Genetics can be blamed when there are hormonal imbalances and other biological problems. Family factors and culture can shape beliefs and attitudes that make some women and girls prone to eating disorders. Cover Letter Name Address 9 January 2013 Eating disorders are serious problems that have social and cultural implications. Because of the media and other factors, young girls and women are developing body image problems that make them vulnerable to self-esteem and confidence issues, thereby contributing to eating disorder problems. This paper determines the causes of eating disorders, predominantly the role of media and society in shaping body image issues. The main purpose is to educate the public about the causes of eating disorders, so that they can resist the impact of some of these factors on their body image and eating attitudes and practices. To attain this research goal, current studies and reports from valid academic sources are used. This research showed that media is a risk, if not a strong causative, factor that can promote negative body images and body dissatisfaction, thereby promoting disordered eating practices. It uses very thin women who become negative role models to women and can result to women developing body image anxiety and low self-esteem. ...
Society, as a whole, must work together in developing the kind of media and civilization that respect and celebrate different body images and promote beauty that is not physical, but inside individuals. Introduction Anorexia and bulimia nervosa are two eating disorders that have serious physical and psychological effects, sometimes even leading to death. These disorders have also increased in prevalence for the past few decades, thereby generating protests from concerned families and organizations about the kind of society that they live in, when very young girls and adult women grow up having negative body images. The media and its portrayal of extremely thin women as the ultimate beauty standard have been blamed as one of the most influential causes of eating disorders (Derenne & Beresin, 2006; Spettigue & Henderson, 2004). By media, this includes fashion and beauty magazines, TV shows, and movies. The toy industry does not help too, when it sells toys with unrealistic body types, such as Barbie and other dolls. Moreover, society promotes definitions of and pressures to beauty that girls grow up to (Makino, Tsuboi, and Dennerstein, 2004). This paper determines the causes of eating disorders, particularly the role of media and society in shaping body image issues. This research showed that media is a risk factor that can promote negative body images and body dissatisfaction, thereby promoting disordered eating practices. Social and genetic factors can produce eating disorder problems. Causes of Eating Disorders The causes of eating disorders are varied and may depend on genetics and family factors. This paper divides the causes into genetic, family, the ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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