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Homeless Teens in Dallas Texas - Essay Example

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This essay describes the issue of homelessness. Dallas, Texas is one of the cities in the developed world which harbors the homeless, but this essay not only focuses on homelessness itself, but also describes one of the most vulnerable communities of homeless - teenagers…
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Homeless Teens in Dallas Texas
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Extract of sample "Homeless Teens in Dallas Texas"

Download file to see previous pages Secondly, it is important that the hypothetical community health advocacy project enters into partnership with well wishers who may want to invest in the organization. Jordan (2002) advises that these investors are to serve as shareholders and decision makers of the organization, so that these investors can be easily incorporated into the organization’s lifelong operation. Conversely, the hypothetical community health advocacy project must have adequate pool of healthcare equipment. It is at this juncture that donations from well wishers are to be greatly factored. The appropriateness of this approach as a tenable is confirmed by the fact that when Mayo Clinic was opened in 1889, most of its equipment were donated by well wishers. The same also confirms the need for the previously mentioned partnership, since Mayo Clinic started under the partnership of William W. Mayo, Charles H. Mayo, William J. Mayo, Christopher Graham, Henry S. Plummer, Star Judd, Melvin Millet and Donald Balfour (Mayo Clinic, 2012). During this community health advocacy organization’s formative stages, it will be important to stem high employee turnover and cost of operations. This may best be done by having the medical staff and the administrative staff working on volunteership. Nevertheless, although volunteership makes it possible to have volunteers working without payment, yet it may be important to have these volunteers extended some pay, to keep them motivated. Above all, this community health advocacy project is to enter into agreement with the government and the schooling system so that volunteers can be extended rewards that are binding and significant to the learning curricula and the accreditation system. For instance, volunteers who have...
In this essay homeless teenagers from Dallas, Texas and the ways to help them and improve their lifestyle through healthcare facilities are described. This reality is further underscored by the need to provide Dallas teenagers with community health services being more of an ethical drive than a profiteering venture. Even Ensign observes that the ultimate goal behind the formation of this hypothetical community health advocacy project is not to accrue profit, but to help Dallas’ homeless teenagers to access community health services. This essay focuses on the targeted group and firstly tries to organize it. To do so the community health advocacy project should put in place, counseling services and department. The importance of having counseling services and department in place is to nurture a positive attitude towards treatment and to conscientize the street adolescents on the need to public health. Likewise, street children who have successfully undergone treatment at the community health advocacy project are to have programs that can incorporate them into the work schedule and improve their lifes. However, it is important to heed Schimmel’s warning at this juncture that this is to be done on voluntary basis so that the former street teenagers do not serve under compulsion. This can be succeded through getting incorporated companies into public health policy since the government is currently shouldering the burden of providing healthcare services, hope and purpose-driven life to street children. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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(Homeless Teens in Dallas Texas Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 Words)
Homeless Teens in Dallas Texas Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 Words.
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