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A young woman with advance cancer with a young family who wants to end her life on her terms. There is a scenario given and a te - Essay Example

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Nursing Essay Institution: Name: Date: Introduction Colorectal cancer (CRC) is a common and dangerous disease. It is estimated that approximately 143,460 new cases of rectal cancer will be realized in the United States in 2012 (Siegel, Naishadham and Jemal, 2012) including about 103,000 colon and 40,000 rectal cancers…
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A young woman with advance cancer with a young family who wants to end her life on her terms. There is a scenario given and a te
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Extract of sample "A young woman with advance cancer with a young family who wants to end her life on her terms. There is a scenario given and a te"

Download file to see previous pages Nowadays, caring for cancer patients is becoming more complicated requiring the work of a health professional. This article explains the sickness connected to cancer and the nursing activities done to reduce and prevent the effect of such sicknesses in a 34 year old woman, Frankie, who is suffering from rectal cancer. Issue Identification (Noticing) Typically, oncology related ailments go with persistent health issues. Such illnesses usually have multiple symptoms as were diagnosed in Frankie; she was anxious, and was suffering from further progressive disease in her lung liver and peritoneum. Other ailments found in her were, abdominal distension, leg edema and uncontrolled rectal pain. When such sicknesses are combined, they amplify the care complexity of cancer patients. Nevertheless, early detection of these conditions and their effective management can enable the cancer individuals to become comfortable and responsive to treatment. A formal capacity assessment on admission demonstrated that Frankie was competent according to the Mental Capacity Act (2005) and she has remained competent. Frankie’s husband is unaware of his wives’ expectations and as much as he may need her to stay in a hospital facility and get the necessary care, his wife has different wishes which she would also want her husband to be kept out of it. Frankie says that her husband is ‘already dealing with enough.’ Chronic condition managers of cancer patients direct that they have to live on more than a single medication that has been regularly prescribed. For example, Frankie's drug therapy includes Capecitabine a chemotherapy drug used to treat the rectal cancer, Oxycodone (subcutaneous) and Fentanyl (patch) used to treat the pain, Midazolam to treat Frankie's insomnia and Escitalopram a selective serotonin uptake inhibitor used to manage Frankie's anxiety. In Frankie’s case, the individuals providing for her health care away from the hospital, i.e. her husband and children, are not health care experts specialized in handling her conditions; as an alternative, they are just alimentary health care providers. It is even probable that these health care providers have no specialized skills in such areas as oncology. Her health care providers are also either older or younger than she is; this is a regular incident in health care for the terminally ill. Nevertheless, Frankie’s elder health care provider, her husband, is given a chance to learn. Formulation Development The formulation of the disease was data based. The information collected together with the assessment of the patient’s health was sufficient for diagnosis. It relies on set up questions as well as processes (Drescher, Jotzo, Goelz, Meyer, Bacher & Poets, 2008); Patient’s Identity – it is a female who is tall and slender. Patient’s name is Frankie. She is now in her mid life years and he appears weak. Diagnosis – Frankie is ailing and was diagnosed as suffering from advanced rectal cancer with liver, lung and Para aortic metastasis. Since then Frankie has received palliative chemotherapy, a partial lung resection, palliative radiotherapy to her pelvis, a right hepatectomy, radiofrequency ablation of her liver, and further liver resections for metastasis r4(Funnell, Koutoukidis & Lawrence, 2009). Precipitating ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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