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Family Experiences That Arise From Pregnancy: The Role of a Doula - Term Paper Example

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In this paper the author analyses the scientific articles concerning the research conducted to determine the significance of a doula in providing continuous assistance to women in labor. The work of doula groups for women in labor may encompass emotional support, information and encouragement…
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Family Experiences That Arise From Pregnancy: The Role of a Doula
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Download file to see previous pages This study evaluates the labor outcomes in mothers who receive support from a team of doulas, on one hand and the results in women who were deprived of this extra advocacy service on another hand. Pregnancy is often a mixed bag for families in which they occur. It is an experience packed with growth, fulfillment, responsibilities, adjustments in gender roles, and challenges. It is a moment when the expectant couple faces up to their fears and prospects of their parenthood. Impending parenthood impacts psychological transformation in both partners, especially a few months to delivery. The challenge calls for the invitation of a doula to help the family in coping with the positive and negative psychological changes that arise from pregnancy. A doula will guide the couple on how to understand each other and take up new responsibilities in regard to safeguarding the welfare of the mother and the unborn child. In the recent past, there has been vigorous debate on the labor outcomes in expectant mothers accompanied by an assistant or a doula and the results in mothers who were denied this additional help during labor. In light of this uncertainty, Campbell, Lake, Falk, and Backstrand (2006) carried out a research study to determine the significance of a doula in providing continuous assistance to women in labor. The research witnessed the participation of six hundred mothers. The participants had passed a clean bill of health in regard to normal delivery, when they were enlisted for the study. The women were asked to call a female relation or friend who was willing to play the role of their inexperienced support assistant. The members of the doula group were taken through a simple and short training session based on offering support to their respective clients. The outcome of the study was based on various respects including the type of childbirth, duration of labor, and the timing of analgesia and Apghar values in newborn babies. According to Campbell et al (2006), women who received doula service had shorter duration of labor. Additionally, they had easier delivery, which was prompted by more ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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