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Withdrawal of Care - Case Study Example

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Recent studies have revealed that more than 20% of global deaths occur in Intensive Care Unit. Among these deaths, more than 65% of them happen as a result of the withdrawal of life-sustaining treatments…
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Withdrawal of Care
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Extract of sample "Withdrawal of Care"

Download file to see previous pages The discussion should include the most efficient means of withdrawing the life support services; the needs and significance of withdrawing the life-sustaining treatment are to be realized by those who work in the field. The withdrawal of life-sustaining treatment legal and ethical aspects should as well be put into perspective before embarking on the withdrawal of care process (Gordon, 2008).
Nurses have an incredibly decisive role in initiating the plan of withdrawing life support health treatment. In most cases nurses are in charge of taking care of hospitalized patients. Additionally, nurses are as well squarely responsible for executing the withdrawal of life-sustaining treatment plan. In most cases, nurses are blamed for lack of sufficient knowledge and resources to put into practice the withdrawal of life-sustaining plan (Kirchhoff et al., 2010). Different Intensive Care Units have dissimilar and unique ways of managing and controlling deaths. As a result this has complicated the nurses’ practice of managing and implementing the life-sustaining treatment withdrawal initiatives....
By referring to his medical history provided by his sister and sister in law, the patient was at one time diagnosed with epilepsy. The patient had as well undergone brain surgery two years ago to access the possibility of brain tumor. In the recent days, the patient was reported to have be fatigued and having consistent out spells. Additionally, two month prior to the presentation of the case, the patient was also diagnosed with pneumonia. Since pneumonia treatment, the patient has been experiencing choric cough, was very weak and tired. Moreover, the ailing man had over years experienced elevated white blood counts. To address the problem, the patient underwent bone marrow biopsy After the initial physical examination, the patient was admitted in the hospital as a chronically and pale ill white male. The assessment on his neck did not reveal signs of a jugular venous distension. There were signs of diminished breath sounds as well as evidence of bilateral course rhonchi. The heart beat was at a rate of 60-65 bpm. After detailed examination, there were no signs of clubbing, cyanosis, or edema. The patient was as well releasing small amount of urine and the feet were cool. However, after exhaustive assessment, the 50 years old man was revealed to have chronic pneumonia that incorporated massive emphysema. His condition was also complicated by respiratory failure, septic shocks, sepsis, renal complications, respiratory acidosis and leukemia, as well as mixed metabolic problem. There were also indications of poly-microbial complications due to the presence of smelling pus. Owing to his severe and painful heath complications, health practitioners concluded that, his chances of survival were about 25%. As a result, after thorough consultation between health ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Withdrawal of Care Case Study Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2000 Words.
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