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This paper under the headline "Dream Me Home Safely - Writers Growing Up In America" focuses on the fact that young people usually love to experience the world outside their homes. They do so to expand their competence and explore the world due to curiosity. …
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Dream Me Home Safely - Writers Growing Up In America
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Shreeve (2003) compiled incredible stories about the experiences of young children as they grew up in America. Though these young people are from different backgrounds, their experiences are quite similar. Robert Bausch writes about a young man who grew up in a close-knit family. The family strictly believes that family should come first hence; the narrator’s parents are actively involved in their children’s lives. For instance, the narrator remembers his father dancing with Brandon. On the other hand, Carolyn Ferrell writes about a young girl called Omolara. She faces racism since her tender age. In addition to having an African name, one of her parents is white and the other black. Omolara’s life revolves around her parents, her friend Suleika, and Matthew (Shreeve, 2003). Christerson, Edwards, and Flory (2010) say that young people are significantly influenced by their peers. They love the company of their peers more than their parents. The peers’ attitudes towards these young people matter a lot. Omolara spends quality time with her friend Suleika. They play and laugh together, and it is clear that Omolara prefers the company of her friend to that of her parents. Robert also writes of a man who yearns to spend time with his friends, although the mother is not comfortable with the idea. The narrator feels like running away from home to his peers. Despite the difficulties of growing up in America, the two young people are victims of peer pressure. Kephart (2007) argues that parents are able to create a close relationship between them and their children since they play a vital role in child development. He further says that love and care make children thrive emotionally, feel secure and confident. In the above cases, the family is actively involved in their children’s lives. For instance, they train their children in basic virtues, like obedience and appreciate them. Omolara’s parents keep encouraging her to appreciate herself despite her race. When she performs well in a spelling exercise in school, the mother shows her pride in her daughter’s achievement.  Read More
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