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Differences between Basic Trauma Life Support and Advanced Trauma Life Support - Research Paper Example

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Name: University: Course: Tutor: Date: Differences between Basic Trauma Life Support and Advanced Trauma Life Support Introduction Through the Global Burden of Disease Study, it has been identified that injuries are among the top causes of death and disability worldwide…
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Differences between Basic Trauma Life Support and Advanced Trauma Life Support
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Download file to see previous pages This has been attributed to the increase a number of diseases to young people, increase in disability cases and a great loss of young productive life, which in turn has brought about socio-economic losses to the society at large. This great loss of life has attracted public interest as well as public health community and civic organizations attention to come up and formulate strategies that can prevent or improve the damages caused by injuries (Cales, 1-8). Differences between Basic Trauma Life Support and Advanced Trauma Life Support Among the strategies that have been formulated to decrease injury burdens are the health care provisions. These have reduced the rate of deaths from injuries as well as the rate of disability caused by these injuries. In the last decade most high income countries have witnessed reductions in trauma mortality of up to 15%-20%. This has been attributed to improved systems of trauma care within the health communities. In many developed countries, health communities have introduced and are implementing trauma life support systems. This is pre-hospital care that includes both the basic trauma life support and advanced trauma life support. This has been due to the fact that most patients with injuries arrive at the hospital by means of private transport and need a lot of pre-hospital care hence it’s being adopted by health communities in many countries (Cales, 1-8). ...
This paper however is more concerned with noting the difference between the basic trauma life support and the advanced trauma life support as well as those patients that are exposed to basic trauma life support and advanced life support in California (Isenberg and Bissell, 265-270). Empirical studies show that pre-hospital care is classified into two categories. The basic trauma life support and advanced trauma life support. These two categories are mainly differentiated by the methods used in their application. In the case of advanced trauma life support, sophisticated methods such as airway management, intravenous fluids infusions, synchronized cardio version, cardiac monitoring, electrocardiogram interpretation, medications and intubation are used (Klemen and Grmec, 1250-1254). On the other hand, in the cases of basic trauma life support, simple noninvasive methods such as cardiopulmonary resuscitation, bleeding control, splinting broken bones, artificial ventilation, basic airway management and administration of oral or rectal medications are used to prevent further injuries. In the case of transportation of a patient, advanced trauma life support requires a ground ambulance or a helicopter with physicians or paramedics (Lee et al., 815-819). On the other hand, basic trauma life support can be applied within any means of transportation as well as given by paramedics or emergency medical technicians since it does not require the sophisticated methods used in the advanced trauma life support. Although basic trauma life support does not use the same methods as advanced trauma life support, advanced trauma life support does use the ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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