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Breakthrough career aspiration - Research Paper Example

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Breakthrough Career Aspiration Name Professor Institution Course Date 1. Content area description The core purpose of nurse research breakthroughs all through history entailed to provide relief especially to the patients besides enabling clinicians to execute their duties effectively (Fitzpatrick & Kazer, 2012)…
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Breakthrough career aspiration
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Download file to see previous pages This is by first being able to identify existing barriers to the medical practitioners of not being 100% compliant with the VAP bundle. Contrary to numerous researchers who normally concentrate on the patients by alleviating their pain first, my first step would be to deal with the practitioners’ case (Fitzpatrick & Kazer, 2012). This is because the patients’ relief in this research would only be realized if only the healthcare providers are able to comply effectively or 100% to VAP bundle. This is because my core aim in this pathfinding research will entail seeking absolute solution towards healthcare providers being able to comply 100% with VAP bundle (Koenig & Truwit, 2006). Hence, being able to decrease incidences of VAP complications and attain zero rate occurrences as per the medical theory (Koenig & Truwit, 2006). This will shun increasing of both the morbidity and mortality rates that are evident presently in the ICU, which I have witnessed all through my career. In addition, my research’s breakthrough will also aid in lessening days that an individual normally stays in the ICU. Consequently, this has prompted both the healthcare and caregivers incur substantial expenses during the patients’ prolonged hospitalization (Doyle, Fletcher, Carter, Blunt & Young, 2011). 2. The uniqueness of my pathfinding research The success of my pathfinding research will yield to numerous benefits especially in achieving zero VAP rate targets, which the hospital organization has always anticipated to achieve (Pneumatikos, Dragoumanis & Bouros, 2009). This is because Ventilator-associated pneumonia (VAP) cases have always prompted to both the hospital facility and patients’ caregivers to incur untold expenses owing to prolonged stay in ICU. For example, statistics have confirmed that Ventilator-associated pneumonia (VAP) mortality rates range between 24% and 76% despite the efficiency of medical practitioners (Pneumatikos, Dragoumanis & Bouros, 2009). This is an alarming rate, which might trigger fear to patients or their caregivers especially when an ailing person develops VAP complications. Since studies reveal a higher mortality rate of 46% of VAP complications compared to 32% of the ventilated patients (Pneumatikos, Dragoumanis & Bouros, 2009). Therefore, this breakthrough will be remarkable in the medical field where besides decreasing mortality and morbidity rates, it will also relive patient’s pain. Besides, it will also lessen healthcare’s high expenses that are evident currently due to extended hospitalization. 3. Theoretical path that I took Behavior change theory In improving compliance to VAP bundle, the application of behavior change theory proved to be of significant importance where I utilized Prochaska and DiClementes’s change theory (Kritsonis, 2005). This theory offered the theoretical framework required to execute this change though it contends that people usually undergo diverse stages in realization of any transformational transition. According to Prochaska and DiClementes’ theory, intervention is essential in all its five stages to effect the required or anticipated change (Kritsonis, 2005). The initial stage entailed shifting people’s perception from precontemplation to contemplation via organizing educational programs. Precontemplation is where the people owing to their ignorance are ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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