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This paper will speak about an effective way of increasing the efficiency of record-keeping for patients within a hospital would be the creation of a computer-based information system that is accessible to all nurse and hospital staff. The implementation could meet several setbacks…
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Patient-Care Delivery System: Implications of Technology Integration
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Download file to see previous pages Examples would include the upgrade of the record system being used by the hospital, and the concurrent trainings of all staff in using the new system. Not only must the hospital’s facilities and organization must be arranged, but the medical and nursing teams’ mindset as well, so as to align their objectives with the organization (McGillis, Doran, & Pink, 2004). Their core competencies, much like the facilities must also be upgraded regularly in order for them to deliver state-of-the-art services to patients (Burchell, Smith, & Piland, 2002). If the overall changes implemented in the hospital’s organization and its members’ workflow function seamlessly with one another, this would give the hospital its image of high-performance, giving itself an edge over the competition (Rowland & Rowland, 1997). History of the Patient-Care Delivery System Like most hospital settings in other countries around the globe, initially the first settlers in the United States used crude folk remedies to cure epidemics and other disorders (Green & Bowie, 2010). However, the advancement of medicine also gave rise to improved delivery of patient care. The increase in the populations also gave rise to the establishment of larger hospitals to accommodate more patients, and the subsequent demand for competent medical personnel. Health insurances were also founded to assist patients in shouldering hospitalization expenses. To assure that all hospitals are able to give proper treatment, the government issued standards that all hospitals must comply with (Green & Bowie, 2010). Also, the establishment of non-profit hospitals made healthcare accessible to those who may not be able to pay due to the lack of health insurance or money. While the progress of the healthcare system was...
This essay stresses that implementation of a computer-based information system within the nursing settings would need the enthusiasm, open-mindedness as well as dedication of the organization’s members. Problems within the nursing staff level can be used to identify what kind of program would be implemented within the organization. Also, budget constraints must be studied in implementation so as not to purchase an expensive system that might jeopardize the operating expenses of the hospital. In totality, to be able to provide quality patient-care, not only must the upgrade of the information system in the nursing organization necessary, but also the members and the staff that would be using the system must also be properly trained to access the full potential of the system in making workflow more efficient.
This paper makes a conclusion that suggested recommendations for further research regarding this topic would be the survey of the number of hospitals within a given location that utilize such systems. In relation to this, a survey of the different information systems being used in most hospitals may also be conducted in order to find out the percentage of hospitals that use electronic systems for assistance, in several locations. Lastly, making a survey as to the demographics of hospitals that utilize electronic records can be useful in establishing the profiles of hospitals that are using or not using electronic systems in their line of work. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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