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Case Study Name Institution Treatment Plan for Severe Heart Failure and Diabetes Introduction The probability of a heart attack in case of diabetic patient with breathlessness is more than twice, as compared to that of a healthy person. As this is an established fact in medical science, physicians and doctors are found to be more careful in curing breathing difficulty in diabetics, because of their unstable sugar level, it is often difficult to treat their breathlessness…
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Treatment Plan for Severe Heart Failure and Diabetes
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Download file to see previous pages It is imperative for him to take his situation seriously and consult with his physician on a regular basis, so that, if his health condition worsens, then it can be treated timely. This problem of breathlessness could also be early symptom of lung cancer, due to this possibility; Herbert’s complete physical is strongly recommended that will help in diagnosing any subtle diseases prevailing in his body. Government should also play its due role in saving this man’s life, because he is not in a good financial position, so it is the duty of federal agencies to pay his medical dues. In many cases breathlessness and hypertension are directly responsible for heart failure (Lavine & Gellman, 2002). In the light of this observation, the role of nursing and other medical staff becomes significant in saving the life of a patient. Healthy lifestyle with mild level of exercise, minimize the breathlessness, as respiratory system has to inhale sufficient amount of air to compensate for fatigue, in this way it starts working properly. On the other side it also causes an individual’s appetite to normalize (Nodari, Metra, Cas, & Cas, 2003). At the same time, formalized group discussion panel containing professional doctors, was unable to develop a more effective and efficient way for the treatment breathlessness and appetite disorder, in comparison with existing ones (Kasje, Denig, Stewart, Graeff, & Haaijer-Ruskamp, 2012). A revolutionary finding is being highlighted by Mangiavacchi & et al, (2008), which points out towards the increased death rate, due to heart failure, in those diabetics who were suffering from respiratory issues, and were treated by insulin, thus concluding in the favor of non-usage of insulin on diabetic heart patients. At the same time, Metformin is recommended for the treatment of diabetes in heart patients with breathlessness (Eurich & etal, 2009). Breathlessness is caused by a malfunctioning part of a respiratory system, starting from nose to lungs (Bennett, 2003). On the other hand, this situation can be caused by blockage of air passages of nose, thus limiting the airflow to the lungs A problem in human’s circulatory system can also cause an individual to feel breathless, because with the sufficient amount of oxygen reaching to the cells of the body. The nerves system, therefore attempts to compensate for oxygen deficiency (Bennett, 2003). By pushing respiratory rate to a higher level, as a consequence patient feels breathless. It is believed that an early detection of breathlessness and appetite loss in elder people could be helpful in treating the disease (Boonman-de Winter & etal, 2009). In the case study Mr. Herbert has been diagnosed, with breathlessness earlier, so it will be relatively simple to devise a healthcare plan for him. Along with this, his caring attitude regarding his health is commendable. Metaformin treatment is suggested for Herbert, because it does not endanger the life of a cardiac patient with breathing disorder, unlike insulin (Andersson & etal, 2010). Along with the medication, proper, light and routine exercise is also prescribed for the patient under study. However, relax home environment is critical for the health of the patient. According to the findings of a preliminary study, breathlessness could ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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