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Mixed Method Qualitative Case Study of the Views and Performance of Clinic Staff Undertaking STD Testing - Dissertation Example

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Thematic Analysis There are different themes identified from the interviews which are relevant to the subject matter. These are themes which relate to the aims and objectives as identified in the earlier chapters of this dissertation. Views on STD testing All but one of the interviewees mentioned that they felt very much confident in taking throat and rectal swabs…
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Mixed Method Qualitative Case Study of the Views and Performance of Clinic Staff Undertaking STD Testing
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Download file to see previous pages They were especially confident in carrying out throat swabs more than rectal swabs because of the uncomfortable and embarrassing nature of the rectal swabs. Interviewee 3 mentioned however that he needed more confidence in proctoscopy because he mostly participated in blind rectal swabs. Most of the interviewees also mentioned that they were able to gain confidence through experience and this experience also taught them how they could make the patient more comfortable during the rectal swabs. Interviewee 4 mentioned that by exuding confidence during the procedure, the patient could be more comfortable. This interviewee also points out the importance of carrying out the swabs as quickly as possible in order to lessen the discomfort. These views emphasize the importance of confidence and the fact that the respondents placed primary importance on its impact in the successful administration of tests. Attitudes Where there may be genital site testing missed by other health professionals, majority of the respondents indicated that they would just ask the patient why the genital testing was not carried out. The respondents point out that most times, the patient may have been the one to refuse the swab. If it is the patient who has refused the test, their reasons for refusing would be asked and the respondents said they would try to talk the patient into submitting to the genital swabbing. Majority of the respondents also mentioned that they would not challenge the previous medical examiner, instead, they would clarify or ask why the test was not carried out. Interviewee 6 mentioned that sometimes, it may be a simple case of omission on the part of the previous examiner. Majority of the interviewees mention that challenging the previous medical examiner would not be appropriate and they would be uncomfortable doing it. However, clarifying the situation with the previous examiner would be the more professional option (Wedemeyer and Manns, 2009). The interviewees also mention the importance of communicating with the previous examiner regarding the patient’s genital swab. The term “liaise” with the medical examiner was mentioned by interviewee 7. Knowledge: The themes indicated below reveal the extent of the knowledge that the respondents have on the management of MSM patients, especially in relation to patient testing, demographic data, guidelines, sexual history, as well as training. 1. Patient testing The clinical staff performs varied functions in relation to MSM patients seeking medical care in their clinics. Most of the interviewees mention that their most common and current responsibilities in relation to MSM patients include patient testing for sexually transmitted diseases. Interviewee 1 mentions that patients approach them ‘requesting testing for sexually transmitted infections.’ Interviewee 2 also mentions a syphilis test, and a swab as well as blood test he most recently carried out on an MSM patient. Another interviewee mentioned carrying out bacterial and genital testing on an MSM. These interviewees also mention having to carry out routine assessments and tests on their MSM patients. Two of the interviewees (2 and 4) mentioned that they usually carry out vaccinations or antibacterial injections for their clients. All in all, the importance of functions which relate to the prevention and the management of sexually-transmitted ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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