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Homeostasis and Pain Management in Patient with Multisystem Failure - Essay Example

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NURSING Code: Date: NURSING Homeostasis and Pain Management in Patient with Multisystem Failure Immediate Assessment of the patient The primary and immediate assessment of Geriatric Patient with Multisystem Failure particularly the patient’s homeostasis, oxygenation, and level of pain is to assess whether a patent airway, breathing and circulation processes are adequate…
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Homeostasis and Pain Management in Patient with Multisystem Failure
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Download file to see previous pages Consequently, obtaining the blood pressure, respiration rate, pulse rate and temperature will reveal the vital symptoms of whatever ailments that the patient is suffering from. Determining the oxygenation of Mrs. Baker is extremely essential; this can be executed by the use of the pulse oximeter. Place the pulse oximeter on the index finger and observe the patient’s skin color, the beds of the finger nails, and also the skin around the lips (Poitout, 2004). The time intervals for capillary refills should be noted while also assessing the beds of the fingernails. Current level of consciousness should be determined by assessing the reactivity of pupils, orientation to person, time and place; ask the patient questions to estabish the state of the mind. Symptoms and signs of dehydration together with skin turgor, decreased blood pressure, lethargy, sunken eyes, confusion, dizziness, and dry mucous membranes must be investigated (Poitout, 2004). The pain levels of the patient can be assessed successfully when the patient is in a conscious state and when he/she can still speak; for instance, the pain of the patient can be rated on a scale of 1 to 10. ...
Furthermore, there is a standard standing order for intravenous medication in such situations, in this regard it important and a must to start an IV. The lab personnel must be ordered to be drawn off of the IV. Technological tools used, why they are used, and importance of the tools in determining the patient’s status Tools and technology to be used in the diagnosis include, pulse oximeter, stethoscope, glucose meter, Sphygmomanometer, Laryngoscopes, Stylets, and tracheal tubes The pulse oximeter is a medical device essential for measuring or monitoring indirectly the patient’s blood oxygen saturation, and blood volume changes in the skin. The pulse oximeter is also useful as it displays the patient’s pulse rate (Niles, 2010). The pulse oximeter is a vital tool especially in the event where patient’s oxygenation is unstable or compromised like in the intensive care unit, operating, emergency and in ward settings. As already mentioned, the tool helps in assessing the patient’s need for oxygen and determining if there is any need for supplemental oxygen (Niles, 2010). The oxygenation levels of Mrs. Baker will be evaluated and recorded by the pulse oximeter. A stethoscope is an acoustic device used in hospitals for listening to sounds produced from within a human body or animal (Niles, 2010). In this regard, the instrument is indispensable in listening to sounds produced by lungs, heart, intestines together with blood flow in the veins and arteries. In this case scenario, the stethoscope will be used to determine the heartbeat rate, and the pulse rate of Mrs. Baker. The sphygmomanometer is vital in measuring the blood pressure by ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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