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The Policies and Procedures that Govern the Hiring Practices - Article Example

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The Policies and Procedures That Govern the Hiring Practices (Lesson 5.1 Discussion Forum) Abstract Hiring of the right employee tends to be one of the most difficult tasks for an organization. It is the hiring practices that govern the success and failure of an organization…
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The Policies and Procedures that Govern the Hiring Practices
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Download file to see previous pages Catholic Charities tends to employ several policies as well as procedures in their human resource policies such as equal opportunity rights, fair wages and safe working environment among others. Introduction In the era of competition, the employers are confronted with certain challenges to attract, develop and hence retain the best employees in their organization. Recognition and hiring of the right candidates are considered to be the key human capital priorities of most of the organizations in the United States (Walsh, 2012). The prime objective of the discussion is to gauge the policies as well as procedures governing the hiring practices in Catholic Charities Spokane. The hiring practices of Catholic Charities shall be related to the federal and state regulations of the US. The discussion shall also intend to identify the activities involved in securing the position within the facility and the ways in which the standards of the National Labor Relations Board has an impact upon the interview process. Policies and Procedures That Govern the Hiring Practices The federal as well as the state laws that monitor the human resources policy were initiated in order to shield the employees (Purdue University, 2012). The prime objective of such laws has been to shield the employees from discrimination and thus assist in securing retirees pension checks. It is the duty of the federal law to monitor the hiring practices as well as medical leaves for the employees who have been working with the organization for longer period. According to the US Department of Labor, the state laws tend to alter depending upon the scenario of employment. Minimum wage as well as child labor standards are set by the state laws (US Department of Labor, 2000). It is quite prudent to comprehend regarding these laws and hence identify how these laws can protect the individuals (United States Office of Personnel Management, 2012). In an interview with the personnel manager of the Catholic Charities Spokane, it was intended to identify the policies and procedures governing the hiring practices in the organization. One of the policies pertaining to the organization has been that a constant as well as an educated employee tends to contribute in an effective way to the consumer satisfaction as well as for ensuring positive service delivery outcomes for Catholic Charities Spokane. In light of this fact, it becomes essential for the organization to make its hiring practices quite stringent in order to obtain the right kind of employees. It is observed that the Catholic Charities aims at offering equitable work environment which is supportive of organizational output, multiplicity as well as constancy. The Catholic Charities believes the fact that it is significant to offer equal opportunity to all the employees in order to attain consistent success of the organization. In relation to the state and federal laws, Catholic Charities does not tend to distinguish against any employee for the purpose of recruitment because of creed, color, religion, age or non-job factors in the process of hiring. It can be stated that the US Equal Employment Opportunity Commission governs the employers for the practice related to unlawful favoritism. This comprises the unfairness related to age, gender, religion as well as national origin (Catholic Charities Spokane, 2012). For the purpose of ensuring conformity with the legal requirements the organizations review its use related ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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