Comparison of Two Recovery Room Warming Methods for Hypothermla Patlents Who Had Undergone Spinal Surgery - Coursework Example

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Article Analysis – Comparison of Two Recovery Room Warming Methods for Hypothermia patients who had undergone Spinal Surgery Generally a research article can be analyzed under various aspects which may include the following interpretation: limitation, findings and review of the conclusions…
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Comparison of Two Recovery Room Warming Methods for Hypothermla Patlents Who Had Undergone Spinal Surgery
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Extract of sample "Comparison of Two Recovery Room Warming Methods for Hypothermla Patlents Who Had Undergone Spinal Surgery"

Download file to see previous pages Highlighting the differences and the essence of the research results, findings and conclusions can also be considered to play a major role in a research article analysis. With the above information in hand, this paper will analyze the research article namely The Comparison of Two Recovery Room Warming methods for Hypothermia Patients Who Had Undergone Spinal Surgery. The key element of this research article concerns the concept of homeostasis, whereby the human body is able to maintain a relative equilibrium state under fluctuating environmental (temperature) conditions. Thus, the human body is able to regulate the body temperature with the assistance of the hypothalamus. This research article also makes a detailed study on the time needed to reach the specified temperature by the hypothermia patients who have undergone spinal surgery. The efficiency of two major warming methods such as the warm cotton blankets and a radiant warmer for the patients in a post anesthetic care unit is compared in the article. The analysis of this research article can be centered on the evaluation of the validity of the results which in turn depends on the research plan measurement, data collection and analysis process. Thus, the research plan measurement can be further classified into fragments such as cases, observations, variables and unit of analysis. In this article, the cases that are taken for research were of the hypothermia patients who had undergone the spinal surgery. These patients were kept under observation with respect to their body temperatures. The variables implemented in this case would be the different types of warming methods. Hence, the research had a concrete plan on which the data collection, analysis and interpretation of the results were built up effectively. The other vital area to be focused would be the data collection process. “This study was conducted according to a quasi-experimental design. Data was collected from a medical referral centre in northern Taiwan.” (Yang, Lee, Chu, Su, Ho and Fan 2). Thus, the data collection process included selecting the study samples from patient group in Taiwan, who are older than eighteen years, also who were under general anesthesia during the course of the surgery as well as those who were conscious and able to communicate. Above all, the other parameters that were included in the process of data collection were selecting the patients who had had no fever for seventy two hours before carrying out the study, had an operation time of about three to six hours, and patients who had a tympanic temperature of about 34 to 35 degrees Celsius. Thus, based on the above criteria, the sample data were collected and the effectiveness of the warming devices on these patients was studied. After the completion of the data collection process, the next step would be data analysis and arriving at conclusions and results. The basic framework of the data analysis would be to measure the efficiency of the warming equipments with respect to the rewarming time required for the patients who had undergone the spinal surgery. “The data were analyzed using SPSS version 17 software for Windows and significance level was set at p ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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