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Policy and Politics in Nursing and Healthcare - Coursework Example

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This paper “Policy and Politics in Nursing and Healthcare” delineates health care policy in availing quality health care to all people. Implementing strategies to improve access to health care will benefit not only Missouri Citizens but also United States as a whole…
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Policy and Politics in Nursing and Healthcare
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Extract of sample "Policy and Politics in Nursing and Healthcare"

Download file to see previous pages In this regard, it means that the individuals in the area have adequate personnel and nurses. In history, United States experienced developing trends and strategies. Health care accessibility has been considered the primary objective of policy change. This dilemma can be solved by increasing the number of health care personnel or increasing the number of beds in the hospitals.
Equitable access is delineated according to which determinants of realized access are dominant in predicting utilization. Historically, equitable access to health care by all has been delineated to occur when the demographic aspects are fully satisfied and considered in delivery of health care. Improving access to health care can be significantly eased by cohort of access strategies which emphasize the significance of background as well as people’s attributes in policies to improve access. For this reason, the nurses have the responsibility of availing health care to all.
As according to Andersen, Rice and Kominski (2007), deploying more nurses to rural areas and increasing their incentives is a favorable recommendation to improve access to health care. In addition, Andersen, Rice and Kominski (2007) recommend that the nurses have a role to play in integrating all into the health care system. Inclusiveness is imperative in improving access to all. Increasing the number of nurses may help solve accessibility to health care. Andersen, Rice and Kominski (2007) denote that increasing the number of nurses may increase the number of nurses. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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