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Qualitative Nursing Research Critique on the Relationship of Nursing Unit Structure to Patient Satisfaction - Assignment Example

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Qualitative Nursing Research Critique on the Relationship of Nursing Unit Structure to Patient Satisfaction Abstract A study conducted in medical-surgical settings with regard to the relationship of patient characteristics to the organizational structure of the nursing unit was able to explain how certain factors such as nursing staffing in a hospital and hospital size could affect not just the satisfaction of the patients but their overall well-being as well…
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Qualitative Nursing Research Critique on the Relationship of Nursing Unit Structure to Patient Satisfaction
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Extract of sample "Qualitative Nursing Research Critique on the Relationship of Nursing Unit Structure to Patient Satisfaction"

Download file to see previous pages Qualitative Nursing Research Critique on the Relationship of Nursing Unit Structure to Patient Satisfaction In the field of medicine, most of the time patients under similar diagnoses may not have similar outcomes. This makes for the uncertainty that is commonly present under medical conditions (Lubin, Smith, Dodson, Spell, & Walker, 2010). What can be certain however is the satisfaction or dissatisfaction of both the patients and the level of engagement of the nursing staff that serves them. In a study conducted by Bacon and Mark in 2009, they were able to make a connection between the management and organization of nursing staff units and the level of satisfaction of patients and their characteristics under medical-surgical settings in 146 hospitals. By finding out how the response and availability of nursing staff could affect the satisfaction of patients in inpatient settings, the research was able to conclude that modifications in the work structure and the engagement levels of staff could give better service to patients, especially those recovering from surgeries. This is most significant to nurses that are under medical-surgical settings since most of the time they have to deal with patients who would need medications to alleviate pain (Mills, 2006). During the course of the study, the authors had a purpose of providing an improved solution to patient problems such as pain management in inpatient settings. The study was conducted in order to examine the connection of patients’ characteristics and level of satisfaction to the hospital environment that they are in, as well as the organizational structures of the nursing units and the total impact of such structure in the contentment of the admitted patients (Bacon & Mark, 2009). They focused on the numerous reports of patients who have or had problems with regards to the interaction between them and their care providers, and this is one of the leading causes of their dissatisfaction during hospital stays. The research question is apparent in their premise of finding a solution, and that in order to give patients a more satisfying stay in the hospital, factors that can affect them directly are sought out and sorted, finding a better way for nursing staff to deliver better services in the process. The study’s finding that there should also be satisfaction at the level of the nursing staff in order to deliver better services coincides with a previous report that high levels of stress and low motivation among nurses have a great impact on the mortality and the failure of rescuing patients in some hospitals in PA (Aiken, Clarke, Sloane, Lake, & Cheney, 2008). This is very significant for the field of nursing especially due to the nature of providing not just treatment but also care to all patients. By making improvements in the efficiency, technology, work processes and organizational design of the nursing staff, they may be able to increase their productivity without sacrificing too much of their personal time. In turn, the satisfied nurses can be much more effective in delivering care safely to their patients (Hendrich, Chow, Skierczynsky, & Lu, 2008). The study design of the experiment was done according to the definitions of qualitative ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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