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Final Moral Dilemma Case Analysis - Assignment Example

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Final Moral Dilemma Case Analysis Name Institution Gathering Data and Identifying Conflicting Moral Claims The patient arrived from a psychiatric organization. He is in this organization because of the murder. The patient's lawyers and attorneys defended him basing on the notion that he was mentally disturbed…
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Final Moral Dilemma Case Analysis
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Download file to see previous pages The patient vocally rejects all prescriptions and treatments. Moreover, the patient is struggling physically and rejects blood withdrawals and intravenous access. The hospital’s psychiatric team affirmed that the patient was unable to make personal judgments. It was also realized that the patient lacked an authorized custodian to make decisions on his behalf. In this perspective, the government could not locate any relatives or family members. This instance was transferred to our institution’s moral panel. The morals panel with the assistance of legal support was capable of putting a non-RESUSITE order. Nursing care was inculcated to medicate the patient by not letting him realize that medical pills have been trampled and blended in his food. The medicines were recommended to relieve the pain and irritation; antipsychotics were prescribed as well (Ferrell, Coyle, & Teton Data Systems, 2010). Ethical Problem and Conflicting Obligations The aspect making this condition an ethical crisis is that the patient’s rejecting treatment is not valued. Moreover, he is getting palliative care without his knowledge. The patient constantly involves physical struggling if anybody touches or attempts to draw blood from his body for medical purposes (Locsin & Purnell, 2009). The patient could allow nurses to redress and bathe him as well as change his diaper. I nursed this patient a couple of instances and developed a feeling that he had full knowledge of what was transpiring around him. The Issues The primary issue is that the patient’s decision of not desiring some of the treatment methods should have been respected. It was absurd and illegal to medicate the patient without his knowledge. Important Facts The pertinent facts are that the patient should not suffer by indulging him in numerous medical methods that do not appeal to him. What emotions have an impact? As a health care giver, I felt culpable for not regarding his resolution. Moreover, treating and medicating him without his conscience made me feel guilty. Conversely, I was calmed down by the fact that his pain was relieved. Identify Key Participants/Stakeholders The prime partakers were primary care providers, patient and the legal/ethics department. Legitimate Decision Maker The hospital is accountable for the patient’s safety, hence the legitimate decision maker. Who Is Affected and How? The patient is the most affected since he gets sedative treatment without his agreement. The nurses are also affected since they are liable for the patient’s care. Level of Competence of the Most Affected Individual The level of competence of the patient is that he is mentally disable and has been declared to make right choices. Participants’ Obligations The task of every healthcare giver is to protect, treat and be the patient’s supporter. The hospital’s responsibility is to safeguard the patient’s lawful rights and their safety. The ethics department accountability is to establish the best way out of this condition without instigating any injury to the patient. Determination of Moral Perspective Participants think in aspects of duties and tasks since the nurses believe in matters of protecting and advocating any patient. The hospital believes in matters of safeguarding all patients’ lawful rights. Exhibition of Moral Perspectives The hospital does not instigate or warrant any liabilities in this context whereas the nurses work to protect and devote for ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Final Moral Dilemma Case Analysis Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 Words.
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