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Difficult Patients and History Patients - Essay Example

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Your Name Prof’s Name Date Lesson Plan: Difficult Patients and History Patients and Taking Medical Histories Abstract: this will be a lesson plan identifying strategies to deal with difficult patients when collecting family history. Many patients in a clinical environment will either be unwilling or unable to provide family history in cogent ways, and nurses will have to learn how to cope with that…
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Difficult Patients and History Patients
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Download file to see previous pages This lesson will teach students some strategies for dealing with patients who are unwilling or unable to cooperate when giving a family history. Furthermore, this lesson can include a swath of transferable skills that will be useful in other areas, thus providing a much greater benefit than its narrow focus would seem to suggest. However, the most important reason for this might be that this kind of lesson can force a nurse to be critical of the role that informal theory plays in their practice towards patients, to gain confidence as creators of informal theory, and to understand the interaction between formal and informal theory. Section 2: Learner outcomes for the lesson & Learning Objectives This experience will have several general learning outcomes a) allow nurses to be more proficient in such skills when they first experience them in a clinical setting b) give nurses an approximation of the kinds of experiences they could have c) provide transferable skills for patient interaction for a variety of other situations that are not directly covered in and d) understand their role in forming informal theory, and the relationship between formal theory and informal theory. ...
leave with a greater understanding for the real-world situation of patient interaction, a greater degree of comfort in dealing with issues that may arise, and a closer relationship with their classmates, hopefully furthering future learning outcomes. Learner Characteristics Nurses who have already achieved some knowledge of patient history. The goal of this lesson is not for nurses to take a history: they should already know this skill so that they will not have to focus on it throughout the lesson. Rather, they should have enough experience that taking a history will be second nature, and so they can focus on techniques of patient interaction that they employ. Learning Theory While nursing often uses the see one, do one, teach one model, this will differ significantly and focus rather on the development of difficult to define skills and subjective experiences though one-on-one interaction with fellow students. Based on self-authorship theory, this will attempt to both allow nurses to develop their own skills and techniques that will work for them, hear widely used techniques (as provided by instructors) and techniques developed and used by peers, with the goal of critiquing each technique given. This will allow a great deal of exposure to different ideas without dictating what the right thing to do in a situation. This will hopefully allow nurses to acknowledge their role in developing theories of practice every time they interact with a patient, and note that they have and can develop authority as knowledge creators based on their personal experiences in patient interactions. Instructional methods used for delivery This lesson will rely heavily on role-playing, allowing the students to develop experience, try out different techniques, and form their own conclusion ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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(Difficult Patients and History Patients Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 Words)
Difficult Patients and History Patients Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 Words.
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