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Evidenced Based Practice. Nursing: Mid-term Written Assignment - Research Paper Example

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Evidence Based Practice Nursing: Mid-term Assignment NAME Answer 1 In the time of my clinical practices in the past semester, I chose to pay particular attention to patients suffering from hypertension. Hypertension is a disease that makes targets of people regardless of their age, including infants (Dionne, Abitbole, & Flynn, 2012), which is rather interesting as the disease or disorder is related to the pumping of the heart…
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Evidenced Based Practice. Nursing: Mid-term Written Assignment
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Download file to see previous pages Primary hypertension, hypertension without any underlying cause or reason behind it, captures a larger amount of patients than secondary hypertension, but it has still proven to be fatal as it can cause heart attack or heart failure. High blood pressure, hypertension (Dugdale, 2011) or elevated blood flow in the arteries may seem little but when the said elevation continues in a patient with moderation, it can still shorten one’s life expectancy. There is a saying which states that one’s life is not measured by the days we live but the breaths we take, and hypertension just follows that rule. Infants, children, adolescents, adults and the elderly – everyone can happen to suffer from hypertension. The disorder that captures every kind of audience should be paid attention to and for that, thiazide, an antihypertensive drug is suggested as the first line treatment. The prescription of thiazide in the cases of hypertension is supported by the United States guidelines, World Health Organization and the Cochrane collaboration after collecting enough evidence. Even though thiazides are the first line treatment for patients suffering from hypertension, I believe it is rather wrong of medical practitioners to prescribe thiazides to those patients. Thiazide, an antihypertensive drug, has its side effects just like any other drug. Those side effects include (Ellison & Loffing, 2009): ~ Dizziness ~ Headache ~ Blurred vision ~ Upset stomach ~ Vomiting ~Nausea ~ Loss of appetite Even though most of these symptoms are common ones that occur almost from every medicine, but in this case I believe that thiazides are not the right prescription for patients of hypertension. All the side effects that thiazides include are also the symptoms one goes through when they are experiencing a phase of hypertension. I believe that if thiazides are prescribed to a patient suffering from hypertension and they experience any of these side effects, they will not be able to distinguish if they are going towards a recovery phase or are still in their hypertensive phase, and might end up considering other options or feel helpless of themselves. Blurred vision, headaches, shortness of breaths and dizziness are included in the list of symptoms for hypertension as well (Cunha, n.d.) Answer 2 There have been many unreported cases of hypertension in the medical history and most of the times patients for hypertension are only diagnosed with the disorder after drastic measures. It gets very hard for medical officials to tell if a person is a patient of hypertension when someone comes in for a diagnosis because it can only be judged after regular records of high blood pressure on a continued basis. In most of the diseases that patients come in with, they are recorded with a higher blood pressure because of the pain that they might be going through, but every patient recorded with a higher blood pressure cannot be a patient of hypertension, which makes it a difficult task for health officials. If given a personal choice, I would not choose to recommend thiazides for patients with hypertension. I see no reason why a person suffering from a high heart rate should be given a medicine that might worsen their situation with the many side effects ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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