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Policy Change Plan [Name of Student] [Name of Institution] Abstract Policy making is one of the areas in which politics and nursing interact, since politicians are a core to the development, enactment and implementation of nursing legislation are concerned…
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Policy Change Plan
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Download file to see previous pages The Nurses practice Acts and the Nursing Homes Reforms Act of 1987 is among the legislations in the nursing system. These legislations, among others, should be supported since their enactment and implementation have ensured better, safer and higher quality services and protection, for outpatients and nursing home residents. Consequent to compliance with the nursing standards and principles set by these legislations, patients’ mental, physical, and psychological well being has improved considerably. Unfortunately, the realization of the objectives of these laws has been hampered by challenges such as criticism, cost, complexities that lead to misunderstanding. Introduction Since historical times, nursing and other medical professions have been interrelated to politics and governments through health departments and agencies. This link is evident in the manner in which government agencies regulate, monitor, and certify nurses and nursing homes. Consequent to this bond, nurses have been empowered to express their opinions and concerns to the political class, thus influencing the nursing policies established and implemented by the government and the political class. ...
Nurses should also participate in meetings and forums with the political class and government agencies at all levels. Politics and politicians may thus present nurses with the necessary networking for sharing of nursing views (Committee on Nursing Home regulation, 1986). This paper explores some pieces of legislations in the nursing system and determines the driving force behind the legislation, potential impacts, and challenges such as access, quality, or cost. Nurses Practice Acts Nurses Practice Acts (NPAs) are among the legislations currently passing through the nursing system. Nursing Practice Acts are state legislations, which play a critical role in defining, describing, and classifying the nature and scope of nursing practices. As a result of these Acts’ critical role in the protection of public health, welfare, and safety, their enactment and implementation should be supported to fruition. The first amongst these benefits is the shielding of the public from immoral, incompetent, unsafe, and unqualified nurses. These statutory laws are in fact found in every state where they monitor and regulate entry and registration into nursing practice and associations. Furthermore, these statutory laws define the extent of nursing practices and establish the right disciplinary actions and procedures for errant nurses. The key driving force behind the enactment and implementation of Nurses Practice Acts is the need to ensure that patients’ health and lives are not endangered by allowing unsafe and incompetent nurses to infiltrate the nursing industry (Reed, 2009). To ensure this objective is realized, every state’s nursing board has been mandated to oversee the implementation of these statutory laws. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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