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Health Care Campaign - Essay Example

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Health Care Campaign Part III Instructor Institution Date Health Care Campaign Part III To curb the problem of increasing rate of obesity within the state of Virginia and the United States, it is necessary to implement appropriate programs motivated by informed recommendations for the Department of Health…
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Health Care Campaign
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Download file to see previous pages To begin with, the Lets Move campaign should focus on media programs designed to promote healthy lifestyles among children and adolescents. Media campaigns, as a program for public health, are an effective approach because of the large number of people likely to be reached through the media (Mazzeo, Arens, Germeroth & Hein, 2012). Additionally, television and the Internet are becoming increasingly popular among the young people as attributes of advancements in information and communication technologies. Media programs for promotion of the Lets Move campaign should aim at informing parents and their children on healthy lifestyles. The design of the media messages and images should be performed effectively to capture the attention of the target audience. More significantly, the messages must be convincing to the young people by demonstrating the reasons for practicing healthy lifestyles and proper diet. Education programs within learning institutions are recommended as a strategy of furthering the goals of the Lets Move Campaign. It is in this sense that the government policies on education should support the campaign against obesity among the young people. ...
It has been argued that childhood obesity can best be prevented through proper formal education programs. In addition to the formal education in classrooms, it is recommended for community education programs to target the parents of the young people. The community education programs should aim at informing parents on healthy eating for their children, the nutrition content of various food products within stores and the management of the eating habits of their children. They recommend scientific studies on the social, economic, and cultural behavior patterns in regard to food purchase and consumption as a way of preventing obesity among young people. The recommended studies will provide evidence based information that will aid the decision-making process with the creation of government policies in the manufacture and the retail of various food products. Therefore, the government policies on funding should be supportive of the financial incentives directed on the recommended studies. In addition to the investigation of consumer behavior, the environmental aspects, such as lack of exercising enabling environment, must also be researched upon. The research findings should be presented to the parents, teachers, policy makers, food producers, and retailers in an effort of reducing the prevalence of obesity among the young people. Furthermore, the recommended research must be involved in the assessment of the health condition of the young people. The health assessment must be aimed at determining the current health status of the obesity predisposed children and the factors that are likely to increase their risk of developing obesity. It is through research that the issue of obesity can be investigated, and evidence-based knowledge used to control the problem ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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