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The Just Culture Model on Patient Safety Name: Institution: Introduction The alternative to a punitive system is the application of the just culture model. This is a model that has been widely applied in the aviation industry. The model seeks to encourage an environment where individuals report their mistakes so that solutions of the errors are understood so that the underlying issues are fixed…
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The Just Culture Model on Patient Safety
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Download file to see previous pages This is called the punitive approach model. It shuts off the necessary information required to identify the fault in the system and create safer systems. In such a system people do not learn from their mistakes. Discussion of need/purpose for A Just Culture Model for Patient Safety To improve the quality of overall health care system, there is a need to improve on the culture of safety within the health care. This is an essential component when it comes to reducing errors. A just culture can thus be said to be one that is supportive of shared accountability. It holds the organization responsible for systems that it has chosen to design and for how they choose to respond to the behavior of staff in a just and fair manner (Manasse et al, 2005). For their part, the staff are the ones who are accountable for the quality of the choices that they make and for the reporting of the errors they make and the vulnerabilities of the system. This paper aims at discussing the concept of the just model and its application in the health system cultures (Manasse et al, 2005). ...
These components include, Empirical Outcomes, Transformational Leadership, Exemplary Professional Practice Empowerment, Innovations and Improvements, New Knowledge and Structural Just Culture (Manasse et al, 2005). “Just Culture” is not discussed in this context; however, it is in tandem with the case model. In reference to transformational leadership, it fronts for advocacy as an attribute of patients as well as leaders in nursing. In terms of Professional Engagement, imminent evidence in this case is that which would promote organizational leadership as part of nursing (Technology, 2012). Objective(s) The major focus of just culture is to increase the safety of patients; this is done through effective reporting, modification of the system, accountability and remediation. The objectives of the just culture are to increase the number of medical personnel, who report information regarding medical malpractice, increase remediation that is sponsored by the employer to incorporate the culture in the review of complaints regarding malpractice, create a patient safety database for the whole state, assist in the development of the national safety database and increase use of practice intervention and improvement program, which is an alternative to the discipline program (Reiling, 2007). The main objective of the just culture is to establish a mindset that is organization-wide which will positively influence the workplace environment and the work outcome in many ways. This concept promotes culture where mistakes and errors in the workplace do not result in automatic punishment but a process from which the source of the error can be established. The objective of this culture is promoting an ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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